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When working with documents in Word 2013, you can easily zoom in on your text and change views to get a better view of what you're working on. This course demos zooming, and also splitting and arranging multiple documents within the same work area. It also shows you how to switch document views, reorganize a document outline, and use master documents and subdocuments to facilitate working with large or unwieldy documents. It also explores how to customize the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar so you have the commands you need within a single click of your mouse. This course will help prepare learners for the Microsoft Certification Exam 77-418: Word 2013 which certifies individuals as Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Word 2013.

Learning Objectives
  • Select the appropriate view for a document in Word 2013
  • Zoom a document to different levels of magnification in Word 2013
  • Choose appropriate views and zooms given a scenario
  • Arrange windows while working in multiple documents in Word 2013
  • View multiple documents, split a document, and scroll two documents simultaneously in Word 2013
  • Create a master document with subdocuments in Word 2013
  • Create subdocuments within a master document in Word 2013
  • Customize the ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar in Word 2013
  • Add a custom tab to the Ribbon and add commands to the Quick Access Toolbar in Word 2013
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Adjusting Document Views and Customizing Word 2013 (Update Avail.) Online course
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