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One of the most important aspects to a successful project is assigning the right resources to the right tasks at the right time. Microsoft Project 2013 makes it simple and easy to manage your project resources. This course covers how to enter resource information for your project, including human resources, equipment, and materials needed to complete the work. You will also learn how to add cost information for your tasks and how to assign resources to tasks. Finally, this course provides strategies for identifying and resolving common project resource issues using Project 2013.

Learning Objectives
  • Add resources and resource information to a project plan in Project 2013
  • Add cost information to a project plan in Project 2013
  • Assign a resource to a task in Project 2013
  • Add resources and assign them to tasks in Project 2013
  • Change a given task to the appropriate task type
  • Level resource allocations in Project 2013
  • Change a task type and resolve resource issues for the task
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Resource Management in Project 2013 (Update Avail.) Online course
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