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An essential part of managing a project is keeping project work on track and aligned with budget, resource, and time allocations. Microsoft Project provides tools for tracking project progress, identifying any potential issues, and making adjustments as necessary. This course covers tools that allow you to easily set baselines and update project progress with percent complete and actual work complete information. This course also includes information on how to reschedule incomplete project work in Project 2013. Finally, it covers analysis tools that allow you to compare planned versus actual project progress, view critical path information, and automatically inspect all tasks to identify potential schedule conflicts.

Learning Objectives
  • Set a baseline in Project 2013
  • Update the progress of a task in Project 2013
  • Update progress and set the baseline at the end of a phase in Project 2013
  • Identify performance variances using a Gantt chart in Project 2013
  • View a critical path in Project 2013
  • Use tools to view schedule issues in Project 2013
  • Use tools for identifying and assessing schedule issues in Project 2013
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Tools for Tracking Project Performance in Project 2013 (Update Avail.) Online course
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