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Farming is hard, time consuming work, and the last thing a farmer needs is to be tied up in legal issues. Help your clients run vibrant businesses by ensuring that they are operating within the legal bounds of the law. From drafting farm land leases to negotiating agricultural contracts, give your clients more time in their fields and less time in their offices. Register today!

  • Prevent disputes by understanding the ins and outs of land leases.
  • Learn best practices for negotiating and drafting farm-related contracts.
  • Explore practical tax planning tips for farmers.
  • Ensure that you understand the current status of the farm bill and how it affects today's farmers.
  • Handle buying and selling farm land transactions.
  • Know what financing options are available to your farm business clients.

Regulatory Update
9:00 - 10:15, Mike Traxinger

  1. Farm Bill
  2. Federal Regulations
  3. State Regulations

Financing, Buying and Selling Farm Land and Businesses
10:30 - 11:30, Danny R. Smeins

  1. Agricultural Financing and Credit
  2. Traditional Mortgage
  3. FSA Farm Loan Programs
  4. Contract for Deed
  5. Partnerships
  6. Farm Partition
  7. Family Agreements
  8. Buying or Selling an Agriculture Business
    1. Drafting the Legal Description
    2. What to Expect at Auction
    3. Negotiating on Behalf of Your Client
    4. Recording the Deed
    5. Title Search and Curing Defects
    6. Restrictions, Easements or Leases

Negotiating and Drafting Farm Land Leases
12:30 - 1:30, Chris R. Barondeau

  1. Farm Share Agreements
    1. Crop Share
    2. Livestock Share
    3. Labor Share
  2. Hunting Land Leases
  3. Unique Provisions in Farm Land Leases
    1. Land Owner and Farmer Rights
    2. Landlord Liens
    3. Land Use Payment Provision
    4. Level of Control and Possession of Property
    5. Specific Time Period and Steps for Termination
    6. Subleasing Farmland
    7. The Impact of Drought
    8. Right of Re-entry
    9. Binding on Heirs
    10. Liability Issues
    11. Indemnification

Negotiating and Drafting Agriculture Contracts
1:30 - 2:15, Steven J. Vatndal

  1. Production Contracts
    1. Crops
    2. Livestock, Poultry and Swine
  2. Custom Feeding Agreement
  3. Farm Machinery and Equipment
  4. Grain Storage
  5. Manure Application Agreements

Tax Planning for Farmers
2:15 - 3:15, Danny R. Smeins

  1. Business Entity Selection - Legal and Tax Considerations
  2. Income Tax Planning
    1. Self-Employment Tax Issues
    2. Reporting Farm Income
    3. Reporting Tax on Installment Payments Received
    4. Taking Advantage of Farm Deductions
  3. Depreciation
    1. Farm Equipment
    2. Depreciating Soil Fertility
    3. Depreciating Fences and Buildings
  4. Agricultural Tax Issues
    1. Farm Share Arrangements
    2. Domestic Production Activities Deduction
    3. Losses From Operating a Farm

3:30 - 4:30, Steven J. Vatndal

  1. Acquiring New Clients
  2. Defining and Communicating the Scope of Representation
  3. Entering into the Attorney-Client Relationship
  4. Avoiding Problems During Client Representation

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