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This course focuses on the Windows PowerShell scripting language and on the concepts and techniques needed to produce reusable, professional tools.

This course is intended for administrators that have little or no programming experience, but who have a working knowledge of Windows PowerShell and who are able to use Windows PowerShell to run complex, interactive commands.

At Course Completion•Design tools, including input requirements, output requirements, and functional requirements.•Write tools, including scripting, parameterizing commands, and providing verbose output.•Debug tools and provide error handling within tools.•Combine tools into script and manifest modules.•Create custom formatting views.•Create tools that are consistent in naming and operation with native Windows PowerShell tools.

Lesson 1: Preparing for Scripting

    Securing the Scripting Environment
    Understanding Variables and Operators
    Understanding Scripting Constructs and Scope

Lesson 2: Parameterizing a Command

    Designing Parameters
    Implementing Parameters
    Lab 1: Parameterizing a Command

Lesson 3: Creating a Script Module

    Designing Script Modules
    Implementing Script Modules
    Lab 1: Creating a Script Module

Lesson 4: Handling Errors

    Designing Error Handling
    Implementing Error Handling
    Lab 1: Handling Errors

Lesson 5: Writing Commands that Use Pipeline Input and Output

    Understanding Pipeline Parameter Binding
    Implementing Pipeline Parameter Input
    Implementing Pipeline Output
    Lab 1: Writing Commands that Use Pipeline Input and Output

Lesson 6: Creating Hierarchical Command Output

    Designing Complex Command Output
    Implementing Complex Command Output
    Using Object Hierarchies
    Lab 1: Creating Hierarchical Command Output

Lesson 7: Debugging Scripts

    Designing Scripts for Debugging
    Implementing Script Debugging
    Lab 1: Debugging Scripts

Lesson 8: Customizing Default Formatting

    Designing Formatting
    Implementing Custom Formatting
    Lab 1: Customizing Default Formatting

Lesson 9: Adding Advanced Parameter Attributes and Command Documentation

    Implementing Advanced Parameter Attributes
    Implementing Help Documentation
    Lab 1: Adding Advanced Parameter Attributes and Command Documentation

Lesson 10: Creating Controller Scripts

    Designing Script Execution
    Implementing a Controller Script
    Lab 1: Creating Controller Scripts

Lesson 11: Creating HTML-Based Reports

    Creating Basic HTML Reports
    Creating Enhanced HTML Reports
    Lab 1: Creating Reports by using HTML

Lesson 12: Creating Basic Workflows

    Understanding Workflows
    Implementing Workflows
    Lab 1: Creating Basic Workflows

Lesson 13: Working with XML Data

    Understanding XML
    Implementing XML Manipulation
    Lab 1: Working with XML Data

Lesson 14: Using Advanced Scripting Techniques

    Using External Functionality
    Adding Graphical User Interface Elements

Lesson 15: Creating Proxy Functions

    Designing Proxy Functions
    Implementing Proxy Functions
    Lab 1: Creating Proxy Functions

Lesson 16: Building Tools in Windows PowerShell

    Designing the Tool
    Implementing the Tool
    Testing the Tool
    Lab 1: Building Tools in Windows PowerShell

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