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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Advanced Customizing with Project 2010 $74.95
Advanced Tools for Managing Multiple Projects with Project 2010 $74.95
Advanced Resource Management with Project 2010 $74.95
Advanced Scheduling Management with Project 2010 $74.95
Advanced Reporting and Management Tools in Project 2010 $74.95

Bundle Price: $199.00
Total Savings: $175.75

Advanced Customizing with Project 2010

A well set up project file is essential to the success of a project. The advanced project file customizations available in Project 2010 can simplify many project management tasks, saving you time, and increasing the effectiveness of project analysis and reporting tools throughout the life of your project. This course covers how to customize default options, add new tabs and groups to the Ribbon, and add new buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar. You will also learn how to import or export a customized Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar so that project team members can share and enjoy consistent user interface customizations. This course also covers how to create custom fields that contain specially formatted task and resource data, such as formulas, graphical indicators, and outline codes that meet the unique needs of your project.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize how to set advanced project options to perform given calculations
  • Customize the Quick Access toolbar in Project 2010
  • Customize the Ribbon in Project 2010
  • Create a custom field in Project 2010
  • Create custom outline codes for a project
  • Order the steps of the procedure for creating custom outline codes
  • Customize settings and user interface in a project file
  • Create custom fields for a project

Advanced Tools for Managing Multiple Projects with Project 2010

Most project managers in today's workplace are required to juggle many projects at the same time. The ability to efficiently monitor and adjust resources and task assignments is critical for the successful management of multiple projects. This course covers tools for managing multiple, related project files so that you can see the big picture relationships between your projects. Consolidating resources and task assignments allows you to prevent over-allocation or under-allocation, view cumulative resource costs across multiple projects, and integrate schedules so that dependent tasks across projects flow smoothly. This course covers the process for creating a master project that consolidates related projects into single project file, how to create and update a resource pool, and how to create a cross-project dependencies between tasks.

Learning Objectives
  • Create a resource pool in Project 2010
  • Maintain resource information for projects that share a resource pool
  • Create a master project plan
  • Recognize when to use the consolidated projects feature in Project 2010
  • Create dependencies between tasks in separate project files
  • Create a resource pool
  • Create a master plan that contains projects that are linked by dependent tasks
  • Update resource information for projects that share a resource pool

Advanced Resource Management with Project 2010

An important ingredient in managing projects is the ability to easily identify potential resource issues and the impact they could have on the overall project schedule. This course covers advanced resource and scheduling adjustments, such as how to delay task start dates and apply predetermined work contours to manage assignments. You will also become familiar with Team Planner, a graphical view that allows you to view and adjust work assignments with drag-and-drop action. This course also includes several methods for leveling resources and correcting overallocation issues, including Project's built-in resource leveling tool.

Learning Objectives
  • Delay the start of a task
  • Apply a work contour to an assignment
  • Recognize how to modify resource assignments using the Team Planner
  • Use strategies to adjust resource assignments in Project 2010
  • Determine the appropriate method for dealing with a given resource overallocation
  • Use the resource leveling tool in Project 2010
  • Use Leveling Gantt view to assess results of resource leveling
  • Level resources for a project

Advanced Scheduling Management with Project 2010

Ongoing inspection and adjustment of the project plan is vital to address impacts to the project schedule and address scope and budget changes. This course covers how to easily identify warnings, solutions, and drivers for tasks using Task Inspector, how to address repetitive tasks by creating a recurring task, and how to inactivate tasks that are no longer necessary to the project. This course also covers ways to inspect a project plan by grouping, filtering, and displaying the critical path.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize how to use Task Inspector to examine scheduling problems
  • Create a recurring task
  • Recognize how to inactivate a task in Project 2010
  • Group tasks and resources within a project plan
  • Use filters to view project information
  • Recognize when to use the critical path tools in Project 2010
  • Use Task Inspector to resolve a scheduling problem
  • Modify tasks in a project plan
  • Use grouping and filtering to modify the view of a project plan

Advanced Reporting and Management Tools in Project 2010

Project 2010 comes with many enhanced features and tools that help project managers report on project status and carry out project management tasks with ease and efficiency. This course covers several of the advanced tools you will use to communicate project status and streamline your tasks, such as the visual reports, enhanced copy and paste, and the Compare Projects feature, which allows you to compare project files and produce an informative comparison report. This course also covers the procedure for recording macros, which will allow you to save time on repetitive tasks.

Learning Objectives
  • Create a visual report using Project 2010
  • Edit an existing Visual Reports template
  • Copy and paste data between Project 2010 and another Microsoft Office application
  • Create a comparison report using the Compare Projects feature
  • Create a macro using Project 2010
  • Recognize how to edit a macro in Visual Basic
  • Record a macro for the steps involved in creating a visual report
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