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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Getting Started $74.95
Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Formatting and Working with Text $74.95
Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Structuring and Organizing Documents $74.95
Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Moving Around a Document $74.95
Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Adding and Formatting Images $74.95
Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Creating and Formatting Tables $74.95
Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Saving, Printing, and Spellchecking $74.95

Bundle Price: $239.00
Total Savings: $285.65

Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Getting Started

Word for Mac 2011 is the newest version of Microsoft's word processing tool for the Mac platform. It offers a streamlined interface and features that allow you to create attractive and engaging documents. The ribbon, which is unique to Microsoft Office, organizes Word’s many features into related tabs and makes it easier to quickly access those you need. And if you don't want to start your document with a blank white page, you can easily choose from a variety of templates using the Word Document Gallery. This course explores these topics and many other basics of using Word 2011, including opening the application, creating new documents, opening documents, basic text editing, and an introduction to the many tools that will help you create and edit your documents.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize tasks you can perform in Word 2011
  • Launch the Word application and open a new blank document
  • Recognize the main Word 2011 interface elements
  • Perform basic Word tasks using interface elements
  • Recognize where to find basic font formats in Word 2011
  • Apply text formatting
  • Recognize the different ways to select text in Word documents
  • Launch Word and open a new blank document
  • Open a new template and increase the document area
  • Select text and apply formatting using the Home tab
  • Format fonts using the font dialog box

Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Formatting and Working with Text

Word for Mac 2011 makes it easy to apply layout and style to documents by providing a variety of formatting options. This course explains how to copy and paste text while retaining the formatting from the source location, along with how to apply attractive styles from the Styles gallery, and arrange text through paragraph justification and line spacing. In addition, the creation of page borders, and bulleted and numbered lists are demonstrated.

Learning Objectives
  • Copy and paste text, formatting, and objects
  • Recognize how to undo and redo actions in Word 2011
  • Apply styles in Word 2011
  • Align text, format line spacing, and split text into columns
  • Apply borders and shading to paragraphs
  • Create a list
  • Sort text items in a list
  • Format a paragraph
  • Copy and paste text and formats
  • Apply a style
  • Create a multi-level list

Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Structuring and Organizing Documents

Microsoft Word for Mac 2011 provides many intuitive options for structuring your documents quickly and easily. This course demonstrates how to set margins and indents so your document uses proper page and paragraph spacing. If you're creating large documents with many pages, you might want to add page numbers to make your information easy to locate. The course explores how to add page numbers along with other structural components that can guide your formatting decisions, such as page and section breaks, headers, and footers.

Learning Objectives
  • Change how Word inserts automatic page breaks
  • Use section breaks in Word 2011
  • Change margins in Word 2011
  • Create indents in Word 2011
  • Add professional touches to Word documents using predefined document elements
  • Add custom page numbering to Word 2011 documents
  • Adjust margins and indents in a Word for Mac 2011 document
  • Insert a section break and apply custom page numbering
  • Add professional touches to a document

Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Moving Around a Document

Word for Mac 2011 offers a variety of intuitive navigation features that help you move around and find your way through documents, whether they're a few pages or hundreds of pages long! This course explores basic navigation features such as scrollbars and built-in tools such as the Sidebar. The Sidebar combines features of the Document Map, thumbnails, Reviewing pane, and Search features found in earlier versions of Word for Mac into one, easy-to-use interface. The course also demonstrates how to use a variety of different views in Word including Full Screen, and explains the views so you know when to use each one to suit your needs.

Learning Objectives
  • Navigate through a Word document using interface features
  • Use the sidebar in Word 2011
  • Recognize the features of the Word 2011 sidebar
  • Navigate in Full Screen view
  • Recognize the features available in Notebook layout
  • Browse a document by comments
  • Use the sidebar to navigate with headings and review changes
  • Optimize the reading experience in Word 2011

Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Adding and Formatting Images

In an effort to make our text clear and organized, we sometimes neglect the overall attractiveness of our documents. This course demonstrates powerful drawing and graphic features of Word 2011 – features that can boost the appeal of virtually any document! The course focuses on the processes and tools that allow you to add pictures, Clip Art, photos, and SmartArt to your documents. It also explores drawing components such as shapes, WordArt, and text boxes.

Learning Objectives
  • Insert pictures, photos, and clip art
  • Format photos, pictures, or clip art
  • Insert and format shapes
  • Insert and format WordArt
  • Work with text boxes
  • Insert and format a SmartArt graphic in Word 2011
  • Insert and format a photo
  • Add WordArt and style it
  • Insert and format a SmartArt graphic

Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Creating and Formatting Tables

Word for Mac 2011 has a robust set of tools that allow you to create, style, and format tables in your documents. This course explores the various methods of inserting tables in Word documents, including drawing a table by hand, choosing a table size by selecting a layout from a dynamic grid, and by configuring table settings to match the number of columns and rows that you require. It also discusses using table styles to enhance the appearance of tables and changing the layout of tables.

Learning Objectives
  • Create a table in Word 2011
  • Identify different ways to insert a table in Word 2011
  • Apply a style to a table
  • Modify table rows and columns
  • Modify a table's settings, cell size, and alignment
  • Create a table in a given example
  • Format a table's style
  • Modify a table's layout

Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Saving, Printing, and Spellchecking

Word for Mac 2011 offers a variety of features that enable you to finalize your documents, including various saving and printing options. It also includes a spelling and grammar check tool that helps you to avoid embarrassing mistakes in your documents before sharing them with others. Once you're ready to share your work, you can e-mail your documents as attachments, share through SkyDrive, or use a SharePoint site for collaboration. This course explores these features so you can save, print, proof, and share your files using Word for Mac 2011.

Learning Objectives
  • Save a Word document in a different format
  • Save a Word 2011 document
  • Change the default save options in Word 2011
  • Preview and print a Word 2011 document
  • Check spelling and grammar automatically as you type
  • Run the spelling and grammar checker in Word 2011
  • Share a document
  • Check a document for spelling and grammar
  • Save the document as a different file type
  • Print a Word document
  • Share a document
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