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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Using Basic Formulas $74.95
Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Using Basic Functions $74.95
Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Inserting Basic Charts $74.95
Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Saving, Sending, and Printing Workbooks $74.95

Bundle Price: $169.00
Total Savings: $130.80

Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Using Basic Formulas

Formulas are the building blocks of data calculation in Excel for Mac 2011. Being able to use formulas to perform everything from easy to complicated calculations not only simplifies your work but also helps to reduce the number of errors that can arise in such complex tasks. This course introduces formulas, demonstrates how to create and edit them, copy and paste them, and how to check for errors that can arise when using formulas in Excel for Mac 2011.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify elements of a formula
  • Recognize how Excel calculates precedence in a formula
  • Recognize examples of reference types used in Excel formulas
  • Create and insert formulas
  • Create a name and use in a formula
  • Edit formulas
  • Correct common error values
  • Create a formula
  • Correct and edit a formula
  • Use a name in a formula
  • Copy and paste a formula between cells

Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Using Basic Functions

One of the great features of Excel for Mac 2011 is its ability to perform a wide variety of functions to make your use of Excel easier. Functions are built-in formulas that save you time by allowing you to choose one that suits your needs rather than creating a complex formula from scratch. This course introduces you to the components of functions, and how and when to use a particular function in the most efficient and practical way.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify Excel's built-in functions
  • Enter functions in worksheets
  • Use financial functions
  • Use date and time functions
  • Create logical functions
  • Use an AutoSum function to perform a basic calculation
  • Use a financial function to calculate the depreciation of asset
  • Use a logical function

Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Inserting Basic Charts

Charts make data easier to understand by providing a clear diagrammatic representation of your information. By using Excel for Mac 2011's strong charting capabilities, you can create attractive and organized representations of worksheet and workbook data, and you can easily insert and customize charts to suit your needs. This course demonstrates how to effectively insert and edit charts in Excel 2011. It explores the abundance of available chart types such as column, pie, and bar charts, and the best use of each type. The course also shows how to modify the layout and format of charts.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize when to use different Excel charts
  • Show data trends with sparklines
  • Insert a chart
  • Identify the elements of an Excel chart
  • Update an existing Excel chart's style, layout, or location
  • Change a chart's source data
  • Insert a chart
  • Update a chart's type, layout, and style
  • Update a chart's source data

Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Saving, Sending, and Printing Workbooks

Excel for Mac 2011 makes it easy for you to save, print, and share workbooks and worksheets. When you create an Excel workbook, you will most likely want to save it for future use, and in many instances, print it to save a hard copy or share with someone else. This course describes these Excel features and explains how to use them to increase your efficiency and productivity, including sharing your workbooks with colleagues using SkyDrive and SharePoint.

Learning Objectives
  • Save a workbook in a different format
  • Change the default save settings
  • Share and send a workbook
  • Preparing a workbook for printing
  • Print a workbook
  • Save a workbook
  • Share a workbook
  • Preview and print a workbook
  • Modify default save settings
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