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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Getting Started with Access 2007 $74.95
Basic Access 2007 Tables $74.95
Basic Access 2007 Forms $74.95
Queries and Reports in Access 2007 $74.95

Bundle Price: $169.00
Total Savings: $130.80

Getting Started with Access 2007

With Access 2007, Microsoft introduces some of the most significant changes to Access in years. Most notable is the intuitive new user interface that replaces the traditional menus and toolbars with features like the Ribbon, the Quick Access Toolbar, and the Microsoft Office button. This course provides an introduction to Access 2007 and demonstrates how to navigate within the new user interface. The introductory steps in planning a database, the components and views of an Access database, and database creation methods are also covered.

Learning Objectives
  • Plan a database
  • Match the main elements of the Access 2007 screen with their functions
  • Use Access Help
  • Plan a database
  • Use Access Help
  • Create a database from scratch
  • Create a database from a template
  • Add a blank datasheet to a database
  • Use views
  • Create an Access database and add a datasheet
  • Change the view

Basic Access 2007 Tables

Microsoft Office Access 2007 makes it easy for you to create and manipulate database tables. You can choose between a Datasheet view and a Design view to create tables from scratch, or you can base your tables on one of the many pre-defined templates. The introduction of the Ribbon and contextual tabs in Access 2007 makes table creation even more intuitive, and provides you with easier data manipulation techniques. This course explains the use of table templates, Design and Datasheet views, field creation, data types, and modifiable properties, and demonstrates the use of masked input fields and indexing. The course also explores viewing, editing, navigating, sorting, finding, and filtering records, in addition to printing data and implementing and maintaining table relationships.

Learning Objectives
  • Create a table from a template in a given scenario
  • Identify the elements in an Access 2007 table
  • Identify the table templates
  • Create a table using Datasheet view
  • Create a table using Design view
  • Modify a table
  • Modify a table in Design view
  • Create a validation rule
  • Create a masked input field in a table
  • Apply indexing to a table
  • Create a table from a template
  • Modify a table
  • Create a table in datasheet view and add a validation rule
  • Create an input mask
  • Manipulate data in records in Access 2007
  • View, edit, and navigate records
  • Sort and filter data
  • Find and replace data
  • Print records
  • Create a relationship
  • Filter table information
  • Create a relationship
  • Edit a relationship
  • Create a relational database in Access 2007

Basic Access 2007 Forms

Microsoft Office Access 2007 offers several options for creating, customizing, and managing forms. This course describes multiple methods of form creation, including the Form, Split Form, Multiple Items, Blank Form, and Form Design tools and the Form Wizard. This course also explores controls - the available types, how they are added to a form, how their properties are set, and how they are resized, moved, grouped, and positioned on a form. The course demonstrates how forms can be customized using autoformat, or by adding the date and time, page numbers, logos, and other decorative controls. The creation and management of records in forms using different navigational methods, sorting and filtering options, and printing forms is also covered.

Learning Objectives
  • Create a form in Access 2007
  • Add controls to Access 2007 forms
  • Configure controls on an Access 2007 form
  • Bind controls to a field in Access 2007
  • Configure bound controls in Access 2007
  • Create a form using the Form Wizard
  • Add and configure an unbound control
  • Create a bound control and configure the record source
  • Customize forms in Access 2007
  • Format forms in Access 2007
  • Create and modify records
  • Navigate between Access 2007 records
  • Sort and filter Access 2007 records
  • Format an Access 2007 form
  • Create and modify a record in Access 2007
  • Sort and filter Access 2007 records

Queries and Reports in Access 2007

Queries and reports are used in Access 2007 to convert data into useful information and are an essential part of any database application. Access 2007 has a Query Wizard which simplifies the process of formulating a query and provides various methods of creating reports to present summarized information easily and effectively. This course explores the use of the Query Wizard and demonstrates how to create or modify a query in Design view in order to achieve specific results. This course also covers Expression Builder, calculated fields, grouping options for displaying query results, and crosstab, unmatched, and duplicate queries. The use of the Report, Report Wizard, Blank Report, Report Design, and Label options are covered, as well as how to add and bind controls, group and sort data, and modify sections of a report.

Learning Objectives
  • Create a simple query in design view
  • Create a simple query using the Simple Query Wizard
  • Modify a query in Access 2007
  • Create an expression with the Expression Builder
  • Use calculated fields and grouping in Access 2007
  • Create a crosstab query in Access 2007
  • Refine a crosstab query in Access 2007
  • Find unmatched queries in Access 2007
  • Find duplicate queries in Access 2007
  • Create and run a query in design view
  • Group a query by an aggregate function
  • Change an aggregate value for a crosstab query
  • Use the Find Unmatched Query wizard
  • Create a basic report in Access 2007
  • Add a control to an Access 2007 report
  • Recognize how to modify Access 2007 reports
  • Add a group and calculated summary to a report in Access 2007
  • Create a report using the Report Wizard
  • Add a control to a report and bind it to a field
  • Add a grouping to an Access 2007 report
  • Add a calculated summary to a group
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