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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
SharePoint 2007 Essentials $74.95
Creating and Managing Personal Sites and Searches in SharePoint 2007 $74.95
Microsoft Office 2007: Collaborating with Groove and Communicator $74.95
Microsoft Office 2007: Sharing Information with OneNote 2007 $74.95
Using Outlook Web Access 2007 $74.95
Outlook Web Access 2007 Advanced Features $74.95

Bundle Price: $219.00
Total Savings: $230.70

SharePoint 2007 Essentials

To use SharePoint for file sharing, collaboration, and discussion, and integrate and use it with Office applications

Learning Objectives
  • Sites, Workspaces, and Pages in SharePoint 2007 - distinguish between sites, workspaces, and pages, and create lists and libraries.
  • Sharing Files in SharePoint 2007 - add new files to SharePoint, check files in and out of it, and set an alert for the document library.
  • Adding Lists, Files, and Alerts in SharePoint - add lists, files, and alerts in SharePoint.
  • Discussions and Instant Messaging in SharePoint 2007 - add a new discussion and an alert to a discussion board, and use instant messaging.
  • Performing Basic Searches in SharePoint 2007 - perform a basic search for information in SharePoint 2007.
  • Using Discussions and Search in SharePoint 2007 - use a discussion board and search for information.
  • Integrating the SharePoint 2007 Calendar with Outlook - integrate the SharePoint 2007 calendar with the Outlook 2007 calendar.
  • Integrating the SharePoint 2007 Library with Outlook - integrate the SharePoint 2007 document library with Outlook 2007.
  • SharePoint 2007 Workspaces in Office Applications - create a SharePoint workspace from within an Office application.
  • Using SharePoint 2007 with Office Applications - integrate and use SharePoint 2007 with Office applications.

Creating and Managing Personal Sites and Searches in SharePoint 2007

To customize SharePoint 2007 to suit your personal experience and search for information relating to your organization

Learning Objectives
  • My Site in SharePoint 2007 - create and customize your own My Site in SharePoint 2007.
  • Public and Private My Site Content in SharePoint 2007 - distinguish between public and private content on your My Site, and set privacy controls for personal content.
  • Using My Site in SharePoint 2007 - create and use your own My Site, and set privacy controls for it.
  • Web Parts and RSS Feeds in SharePoint 2007 - add and work with Web Parts and RSS feeds in SharePoint 2007.
  • Wikis and Blogs in SharePoint 2007 - create a wiki page and a blog in SharePoint 2007.
  • Adding Custom Features in SharePoint 2007 - create your own custom features in SharePoint 2007.
  • The Search Center in SharePoint 2007 - find information on SharePoint 2007 using the Search Center.
  • Search Scopes in SharePoint 2007 - create a search scope in SharePoint 2007.
  • Searching and Creating Search Scopes in SharePoint 2007 - search for information using the Search Center and create a search scope.

Microsoft Office 2007: Collaborating with Groove and Communicator

Collaboration is at the heart of effective teamwork. When operating in traditional work structures, with all team members in one office location having regular face-to-face meetings, this collaboration was relatively easy. But work environments have changed. Offices are no longer confined to a room or a building and teams often comprise members in different countries, working in different time zones. Office 2007 facilitates collaboration with its Office Groove 2007 and Office Communicator 2007 applications. Groove brings small teams together in virtual 'workspaces', stored on each team member's desktop. All the files the team needs for collaboration are stored in these workspaces and are updated after each change whether the team member is online or offline. Office Communicator extends these capabilities by enabling those in different locations and time zones to communicate easily and quickly with a range of unified communication tools, including voice, video, and instant messaging. This course explores Groove 2007 and Communicator 2007 as collaborative software packages. It teaches how to create Groove workspaces, how to invite people to share that workspace, and how to connect with team members using chat or discussion boards. The concept of 'presence', which displays a team member's status, is explained in relation to Groove and Communicator. The course also introduces the benefits of an integrated Office system and demonstrates how to use Communicator for real-time collaboration.

Learning Objectives
  • Create a shared workspace
  • Invite team members to join a workspace
  • Track important dates using the Calendar and schedule meetings with the Meetings Tool
  • Use the discussion board
  • Add files using the Files Tool and Sharepoint Files Tool
  • Communicate with team members by sending messages
  • Connect team members with workspace chat
  • Create a shared workspace and invite participants to join
  • Use collaboration tools |w
  • Use an alert to link to an updated document and initiate a chat
  • Send a Groove message
  • Sign into Communicator and add contacts
  • Identify how Communicator facilitates collaboration
  • Customize your presence
  • Send and receive instant messages
  • Communicate using voice or video calls
  • Add contacts to the Communicator 2007 window
  • Use instant messaging to communicate with contacts
  • Determine a contact's presence and initiate a communication
  • Conduct an audio message

Microsoft Office 2007: Sharing Information with OneNote 2007

With team members working in diverse locations, a central repository in which to store information about customers, projects, and meetings is vital. There's an ever-growing amount of information in a variety of formats and teams must stay in control. Office OneNote 2007 is a note-taking program which enables you to store typed text, handwritten notes, pictures, sketches, audio, and web research in one location. Notepads can be shared among team members so that everyone can store, share, and contribute information in an organized way. Changes to notepad items are merged automatically and are synchronized if a team member has been offline. This course demonstrates how to create shared notepads, how to add files and text, and how to initiate a live session to share notes in real time. It also shows how best to organize notepads and how to search for information using the Office OneNote 2007 tools.

Learning Objectives
  • Share a notebook and add information to it
  • Initiate a Live Sharing Session and invite participants
  • Organize and manage information in OneNote
  • Use the Instant Search to locate information in notes
  • Create a shared notebook
  • Manage and organize information
  • Use Instant Search
  • Initiate a Live Sharing Session

Using Outlook Web Access 2007

Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2007 has many improvements over previous web-based mail products set forth by Microsoft. Enhancements start with a redesigned interface, and include new Calendar, Mail, and Document features. Everyday tasks such as composing e-mail and scheduling tasks in the Calendar are simplified using OWA 2007. You can recover deleted e-mails, and the global address list feature allows you to search and locate contacts more efficiently. The OWA Light version is available for users with slow Internet connections, or those using web browsers other than Internet Explorer. OWA Light is designed to be available to most users, but at the cost of a reduced features set and limited interface.

Learning Objectives
  • Differentiate between the features of OWA and OWA Light 2007
  • Log on to OWA 2007
  • Compose and send an e-mail in OWA 2007
  • Customize your inbox in OWA 2007
  • Manage your OWA 2007 e-mail
  • Create an appointment in OWA 2007
  • Use the Scheduling Assistant to set up a meeting in OWA 2007
  • Create a contact in OWA 2007
  • Create a task in OWA 2007
  • Create a new location in the Documents tab in OWA 2007
  • Create a contact
  • Use the Calendar
  • Create a task

Outlook Web Access 2007 Advanced Features

Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2007 offers an improved interface for accessing data, along with improvements to security that make common tasks such as accessing attachments more securely. The new WebReady Document Viewing feature allows users to view attachments as web pages, eliminating the need to have common applications such as Word or Power Point installed to view a specific attachment. LinkAccess features provide a way for users to access internal documents from outside of the company firewall while logged on to OWA. New junk mail and anti-phishing features strengthen OWA 2007, making it the most secure release of Outlook Web Access to date. This course covers the basics involved with everyday data access, along with new security features that both Administrators and Clients should be familiar with.

Learning Objectives
  • Configure e-mail and calendar options for OWA 2007
  • Configure e-mail and calendar settings in OWA 2007
  • View an attachment as a web page in OWA 2007
  • Use LinkAccess feature to access documents in OWA 2007
  • Recognize examples of phishing e-mails
  • Recognize the appropriate response to a phishing e-mail
  • Access documents through WebReady Document Viewing and LinkAccess in OWA 2007
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