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Business Law Basic Concepts $74.95
Business Law and Ethics $74.95
Business Law and the Manager's Responsibilities $74.95

Bundle Price: $139.00
Total Savings: $85.85

Business Law Basic Concepts

How does the law impact you in your day-to-day operations? Have you ever thought about the issue of legal accountability and how it will determine the decisions you have to make as a manager? Because you're a manager, you're in a position of leadership. In many cases, this means you bear the responsibility of protecting your employees, your organization, and yourself from legal issues. Through this course, you'll be made aware of some of the most common business law issues that can impact you in your daily activities. These include the function of sales and contracts, managing intellectual property, dealing with employment issues, and understanding your role in protecting your organization from liability. Although you don't have to be a legal expert, ignorance of the law is no excuse. By informing yourself, you can protect yourself and those around you from damaging legal issues. The first step is becoming aware of basic concepts and areas of business law and how they apply to your work.

Learning Objectives
  • Describe the nature and function of business law
  • Recognize the value of learning the essentials of business law as a manager
  • Classify manager responsibilities related to sales law and contract law
  • Classify manager responsibilities related to employment law and intellectual property law
  • Assess a business scenario in terms of the responsibilities of managers and implications for liability

Business Law and Ethics

Dealing with the balance of ethics and the law is a day-to-day challenge for many managers. While you might be inclined to act in ways that are legal in the technical sense, there is value also in recognizing the intent behind a law. Meeting the spirit of the law often comes down to acting in a way that is both legal and ethical. While law and ethics share a close relationship, the two are not the same. This course will clarify the relationship between ethics and law and explore how recognizing the ethics underlying the law can help you better manage legal issues you face in your duties. As a manager, understanding your responsibility to act ethically and legally is crucial in order to better protect your organization, your staff, and yourself.

Learning Objectives
  • Describe the convergence and divergence of law and ethics
  • Recognize how laws and ethics function in a business environment
  • Perform key steps in the process for making a decision that complies with the spirit of the law
  • Recognize how managers can encourage fulfillment of the spirit of the law through a culture of ethics

Business Law and the Manager's Responsibilities

Do you know what your legal responsibilities are as a manager? Do you know that in certain circumstances you may be held personally responsible for the actions of others? How can you protect your organization and yourself when dealing with legal issues? As a manager, knowing the answers to these questions can help you make decisions that are better for you and your organization. It is essential that managers understand the principles of business law as they fulfill their responsibilities. This course will explore the impact and legal implications of your decisions at work. It will also outline your responsibility for the actions of your subordinates and familiarize you with basic legal issues, such as liability and whistleblowing. Finally, it will provide you with strategies you can use in your day-to-day responsibilities to help ensure that you're managing legally and safely.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize which elements of a corporate scenario justify piercing the corporate veil
  • Recognize the importance of the corporate veil concept for the actions of individual managers and employees
  • Recognize how to handle concerns and warnings appropriately
  • Recognize the sensitivities in a communication scenario that could potentially lead to legal consequences
  • Determine the manager's responsibilities in terms of the implications of vicarious liability in a scenario
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