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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Returning to Core Competencies $74.95
Effective Critical Analysis of Business Reports $74.95
Competitive Awareness and Strategy $74.95
External Consultants Can Help $74.95
Developing the Capacity to Think Strategically $74.95
Developing the Strategic Thinking Skill of Seeing the Big Picture $74.95
Using Strategic Thinking Skills $74.95

Bundle Price: $239.00
Total Savings: $285.65

Returning to Core Competencies

Every successful company is built on the merit of a product or service. And getting that product or service out into the market requires many interdependent processes some of which are outside the company's central strengths. This Business Impact weighs the benefits of returning to core competencies in light of a planned move into the global market.

Learning Objectives
  • Topic t2 Objective o3 - Objective Text

Effective Critical Analysis of Business Reports

Effective decision making requires sound analytics. This impact explores the pitfalls of basing decisions on faulty logic.

Learning Objectives
  • Topic t2 Objective o3 - Objective Text

Competitive Awareness and Strategy

Maintaining a competitive edge is an on-going process. This Challenge product focuses on Competitive Awareness and Strategy.

Learning Objectives
  • Topic t2 Objective o3 - Objective Text

External Consultants Can Help

Many companies bring in outside experts to work on special projects. This challenge explores the factors to consider before hiring such consultants.

Learning Objectives

Developing the Capacity to Think Strategically

Do you look at organizational opportunities and problems from a broad perspective? Do you keep in mind the potential impact your decisions and everyday business may have on other stakeholders in and outside the organization? Do you take a holistic view of the issues you face in your day-to-day activities? A strategic thinker does all these things and, by doing so, helps an organization reach its strategic goals. But strategic thinking isn't just for top executives. It's important that all functional managers, departmental leaders, and professionals in an organization learn how to think strategically. It can help them better manage their business units. With the goal of helping you to develop your capacity to think strategically, this course describes what strategic thinking is – in particular, how it differs from operational thinking and strategic planning. It explores the personal traits of effective strategic thinkers, as well as some barriers to strategic thinking. And it describes ways you can help develop your capacity for thinking strategically by recognizing the importance of being creative, being prepared to deal with the complexity of different levels and views, and being aware of what's going on inside and outside your organization.

Learning Objectives
  • Describe the characteristics of strategic thinking
  • Distinguish between different levels of strategy
  • Determine which traits of a strategic thinker are exemplified in a given scenario
  • Recognize examples of how you can develop the capacity to think strategically

Developing the Strategic Thinking Skill of Seeing the Big Picture

When you think strategically, you consider the impact of your decisions and activities over time. You take a step back and assess how everything fits with everything else. This type of holistic, or big picture, thinking is almost constantly used by effective strategic thinkers. Big-picture thinking generates ideas and possibilities, stretching beyond short-term concerns or a parochial focus on one part of the organization. This course aims to help you develop this strategic thinking skill. It describes how the ideas of systems thinking can help you elevate your perspective, become skillful at making sense out of opposites and contradictions, and better understand cause and effect while managing your department. It also explains actions you can take to encourage big-picture thinking, such as aligning your department goals with those of the organization, considering how your actions and decisions affect a variety of stakeholders, and identifying and analyzing external factors. In addition, the course describes how understanding the organizational value chain can help you connect to the organization's strategy and strategic plans and, in turn, implement them more effectively.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize how to use the ideas of systems thinking to gain a sense of the big picture
  • Choose the approaches that best take into account external organizational factors in a given scenario
  • Recognize actions that encourage big-picture thinking in relation to the internal context of an organization
  • Recognize how an understanding of the organizational value chain can help you see the big picture

Using Strategic Thinking Skills

To think strategically, you must engage in both creative and analytical thinking. Deliberate, rational, and precise thinking is important, but so is being able to think outside the box, seeing a broad range of possibilities and envisioning an ideal future. This course focuses on how to use strategic thinking skills, such as analyzing information effectively and thinking creatively. It describes steps that can help you formulate a mind-set that enhances strategic thinking. It also explains how to use information in a way that generates strategic insight. And the course explores how to assess trade-offs involved in taking a particular course of action and then make an appropriate decision in light of strategic issues. Additionally, it outlines techniques that help you think creatively and thereby enhance your strategic thinking.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize steps that can help you develop a strategic mind-set
  • Recognize how to use information effectively to support strategic thinking
  • Describe how SWOT analysis can support strategic thinking
  • Determine the most appropriate trade-off in a given situation
  • Recognize techniques that help you think creatively
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