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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Managing Top Performers Is Always Easy...Right? $74.95
Recognizing Natural Leaders $74.95
Meeting the Needs of Your Experts $74.95
Overcoming Challenges When Managing Experts $74.95

Bundle Price: $169.00
Total Savings: $130.80

Managing Top Performers Is Always Easy...Right?

Top performers aren't always the easiest employees to manage. This impact explores how to deal effectively with top-performing, high maintenance employees.

Learning Objectives
  • Topic t2 Objective o3 - Objective Text

Recognizing Natural Leaders

Effective leaders embody qualities beyond managerial experience. This challenge examines how to identify the candidates possessing an innate ability to lead.

Learning Objectives

Meeting the Needs of Your Experts

As a manager, you'll often find yourself managing people with knowledge, skills, and expertise you don't have, in areas you're unfamiliar with. The amount of information that managers process on a daily basis requires them to know a little about a lot. However, they have to rely heavily on their experts for the in-depth knowledge needed to meet goals and get the job done. Along with unique subject-matter expertise, these experts have unique needs in the workplace. Learning to meet these needs can help you increase the productivity, retention, and quality of work of your experts. This course explores what experts want from their managers and introduces strategies for providing the best possible work environment for them. It helps you understand the unique characteristics of the experts on your staff; recognize what they want from you, their manager; and apply techniques and strategies to meet their needs.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify common characteristics of experts
  • Recognize how to be a trustworthy collaborator and a competent facilitator with the experts you manage
  • Recognize the common needs of experts
  • Apply management tactics that fulfill the common needs of experts

Overcoming Challenges When Managing Experts

Getting the most out of your experts can sometimes be difficult. They might display characteristics that on the surface seem unmanageable. You have to carefully plan how you interact with such challenging experts if you want them to help you in a productive way. This course explores ways you can promote harmonious working relationships with your experts by using assertiveness, respect, and facilitation. It also shows how, by setting clear expectations and dealing with situations and employees fairly, you can overcome common challenges that managers face when working with expert employees. Because experts have a certain amount of control over work completion, the course explains how managers can deal with this control. And it presents specific management strategies for managing experts.

Learning Objectives
  • Match keys for managing experts with examples of their application
  • Recognize how to respond to a particular challenging expert
  • Recognize how to manage a challenging expert in a given situation
  • Manage a challenging expert in a given scenario
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