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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Using Conflict to an Organization's Advantage $74.95
Mediating Project Team Conflict $74.95
Facilitating Work-related Conflict Discussions $74.95
Cross-functional Team Fundamentals $74.95
Key Strategies for Managing Cross-functional Teams $74.95
Managing Internal Dynamics in a Cross-functional Team $74.95

Bundle Price: $219.00
Total Savings: $230.70

Using Conflict to an Organization's Advantage

Using Conflict to an Organization's Advantage explores how to manage conflict proactively, and turn it to a team's advantage in a project.
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Mediating Project Team Conflict

Project team conflict can be extremely disruptive to productivity. This impact explores the conflict resolution strategy of mediation.
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Facilitating Work-related Conflict Discussions

Project team conflict isn't always interpersonal in nature. Sometimes, it's work-related. This impact explores work-related conflict.
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Cross-functional Team Fundamentals

Cross-functional teams are groups of employees from different functional areas of an organization – such as Research, Marketing, and Human Resources – who are all focused on a single goal. They're often formed to design and develop new products, choose and implement new technologies through the organization, or control product costs. They can benefit your organization because they help to improve coordination and innovation across divisions. This course provides a fundamental understanding of what cross-functional teams are. It also details the advantages of using such teams and explains the kinds of situations where they're most or least appropriate.
  • recognize examples of cross-functional teams
  • recognize how implementing cross-functional teams can benefit you and your organization
  • recognize examples of the advantages of using cross-functional teams
  • recognize when to use a cross-functional team
  • recognize when not to use a cross-functional team

Key Strategies for Managing Cross-functional Teams

Managing cross-functional teams can be challenging because you have to unite individuals from different departments and different levels of the organization around a common goal. Each phase of a cross-functional team's development has associated risks, and steering the team through these phases requires special leadership characteristics and management techniques. This course explains the various development stages of cross-functional teams and the risks at each stage. It also identifies the key abilities a cross-functional leader should have and outlines best practices for cross-functional team success.
  • sequence examples of stages in the life of a cross-functional team
  • match examples of problems with stages of cross-functional team development
  • recognize examples of how to manage cross-functional teams successfully in a scenario

Managing Internal Dynamics in a Cross-functional Team

One of the greatest benefits of cross-functional teams is the diversity of viewpoints, experience, and backgrounds among team members. But this can also prove to be their biggest weakness if not managed properly. Negative interpersonal dynamics can steer the work of a cross-functional team off-track quickly and irreversibly, jeopardizing its great potential. This course explains how to head off interpersonal problems by facilitating open communication and handling meetings effectively. It also outlines how to resolve conflicts when they do arise in a cross-functional team.
  • recognize statements that illustrate the principles of open communication
  • match examples of problems regarding cross-functional team meetings with possible solutions
  • use techniques to make a cross-functional team meeting more effective
  • recognize how to perform the steps for resolving a conflict in a cross-functional team
  • facilitate resolution of a conflict in a cross-functional team
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