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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

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Presenting Your Case $74.95
Effective Interpersonal Communications Simulation $74.95
Asserting Yourself in the Workplace $74.95
Final Exam: Interpersonal Communication $74.95
Making Yourself Approachable $74.95

Bundle Price: $199.00
Total Savings: $175.75

Presenting Your Case

Have you ever attended a presentation that failed because the presenter was ill prepared or ineffective in his approach? A successful presenter must possess the proper skills to plan and deliver an effective business case presentation and employ strategies to establish and maintain the audience's attention. This course examines the careful planning and delivery of a business case presentation. It focuses on the use of visual aids and handouts in a presentation, the structure and development of a presentation in light of audience needs, and the elements involved in successfully delivering the presentation to that audience.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the benefits of a well-prepared business case presentation
  • Analyze an audience prior to giving a presentation in a given scenario
  • Identify questions to ask about your audience prior to the presentation
  • Identify specific elements of a well-planned presentation
  • Apply a structured approach to the preparation of a business case in a given scenario
  • Match methods of generating ideas with their corresponding descriptions
  • Match specific presentation aids with their appropriate use
  • Recognize the benefits of knowing how to deliver an effective business case presentation
  • Identify methods of reducing stress before giving a presentation
  • Identify ways to practice and rehearse before delivering a presentation
  • Apply methods of optimizing the environment prior to giving a presentation
  • Maintain a rapport with the audience in a given presentation scenario
  • Identify ways a presenter can establish and maintain good audience rapport in a given scenario
  • Identify methods of managing questions and answers after a business case presentation
  • Effectively close a presentation in a given scenario

Effective Interpersonal Communications Simulation

Lockstone Interactive Media has successfully implemented custom web solutions for clients both large and small. Equally adept at building both high-end web sites and custom online software applications, Lockstone's customers have included healthcare institutions, automobile parts manufacturers, technology firms, and nonprofit organizations. You're an account representative with Lockstone responsible for working with customers throughout the design and development process. The first step is to meet with a prospective client to discuss his needs. Assuming this initial consultation goes well, you then work with other members of the Lockstone team to develop a web design and strategy proposal for the client. And if the client accepts the proposal, you will then oversee and facilitate the completion of the work. Your job involves extensive contact with many different people. You're successful at it because you rely on your strong interpersonal skills. But working with an extremely demanding customer and difficult colleagues are going to put your communication abilities to the test. This simulation is based on the SkillSoft series "Interpersonal Communications" and contains links to the following courses: comm_21_a01_bs_enus, comm_21_a03_bs_enus, comm_21_a04_bs_enus, comm_21_a05_bs_enus.

Learning Objectives
  • Effective Interpersonal Communications Simulation
  • Building trust and credibility.
  • Listening effectively.
  • Listening effectively.
  • Communicating assertively.
  • Communicating assertively.
  • Escalating assertiveness.
  • Escalating assertiveness.
  • Putting others at ease.

Asserting Yourself in the Workplace

Asserting yourself at work means more than pursuing your personal agendas. Often, it serves to benefit your project teams and your organization at large. This Challenge scenario explores the fine line between assertiveness, aggression, and passive-aggression.

Learning Objectives
  • Topic t2 Objective o3 - Objective Text

Final Exam: Interpersonal Communication

Generally taken near the end of a program, Final Exam: Interpersonal Communication enables the learner to test their knowledge in a testing environment.

Learning Objectives
  • Topic T2 Objective O4
  • Topic T6 Objective O8
  • Topic T10 Objective O12
  • Topic T14 Objective O16
  • Topic T18 Objective O20

Making Yourself Approachable

The groundwork for mutual understanding is laid when you reach out to others and make yourself approachable. This Business Impact explores the benefits of approachability and how to attain them.

Learning Objectives
  • Topic t2 Objective o3 - Objective Text
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