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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Perseverance: Flexibility in Action $74.95
Persevering through Setbacks $74.95
Developing Character for Perseverance and Resilience $74.95
Achieving Goals through Perseverance and Resilience $74.95
Bouncing Back with Perseverance and Resilience $74.95

Bundle Price: $199.00
Total Savings: $175.75

Perseverance: Flexibility in Action

To be successful at achieving your goals, you need to persevere. But not blindly. Creating an inspiring goal gives you a framework for your efforts. And anticipating potential obstacles helps you prepare to deal with them. But overcoming obstacles as they arise requires flexibility, and a willingness to adjust goals, while keeping the ultimate aim intact. This Business Impact explores how, when you come across an obstacle, you can reevaluate and adjust your goals, without giving up on them.

Learning Objectives
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Persevering through Setbacks

Goals begin with good intentions and sincere commitment, but setbacks can quickly erode determination and stall progress. It's at these times that understanding the qualities of perseverance can pay off. It's not enough to simply push ahead. Success hinges on understanding how action, attitude, and self-awareness come together.

Learning Objectives
  • Topic t2 Objective o3 - Objective Text

Developing Character for Perseverance and Resilience

Some people seem to rise effortlessly through the ranks of the organization. You might equate this success with natural ability, talent, and business acumen. However, there's often another story behind this success: the challenges and the setbacks that had to be overcome, and the approach that led to achievement. Because setbacks are an inevitable part of daily life, you must develop an attitude of perseverance and resilience in order to reach your goals. From changes in the economic climate to the loss of working resources, setbacks are challenges you encounter and must somehow overcome. This course gives you the tools you need for developing an attitude that allows you to bounce back from setbacks and forge ahead. By showing you how to internalize setbacks and see the opportunity in challenges, this course helps you reach your goals using perseverance and resilience in the face of challenging circumstances.

Learning Objectives
  • Describe how setbacks are internalized as personal failure
  • Recognize ways you can develop your ability to persevere
  • Recognize how to boost your resilience at work
  • Apply strategies of resilience and perseverance to overcome a setback in a given scenario

Achieving Goals through Perseverance and Resilience

Obstacles and setbacks can get in the way of your goals. Few things are as frustrating as watching your best-laid plans fall to pieces and go off track. To succeed, you must adapt, keep your focus, and get things back on track; and this requires resilience and perseverance. This course provides you with tools and techniques that you can use to manage obstacles and setbacks presented along your route to success. By showing you how to stay focused on your goal and proactively anticipate and plan for possible difficulties, this course helps you achieve your end goals using perseverance and resilience.

Learning Objectives
  • Assess how effective a goal will be in driving perseverance and resilience in a given scenario
  • Identify the key obstacle to achieving a goal
  • Assess whether the steps to take to overcome an obstacle using perseverance and resilience have been correctly implemented in a given scenario

Bouncing Back with Perseverance and Resilience

No matter what your current project, success is never guaranteed. Sometimes, you may fail. To achieve your goals when this happens, you need the ability to bounce back, regain your focus, and take action – fast. Delivering on your goal is often about being able to rise to a challenge and overcome an obstacle. This course shows you how to weather the storm of a setback and stay on track toward your goal. It explores the personal qualities that you need to nurture in order to maximize your ability to bounce back. It demonstrates how to keep setbacks in perspective and turn negative events into positive lessons. It also details ways to embrace lessons learned so that you won't repeat the same mistakes again. In addition, it explains how to go forward from a setback with renewed confidence.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize examples of the personal qualities that allow you to bounce back from a setback
  • Turn a setback into lessons learned, in a given scenario
  • Recognize how to embrace lessons learned from a setback
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