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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Getting Organized to Meet Your Sales Goals $74.95
Making Contact: Access Strategies $74.95
Regaining Your Customer's Trust $74.95
Managing a Sales Pipeline $74.95
Demonstrating Business Acumen $74.95
Talking about the Competition $74.95

Bundle Price: $219.00
Total Savings: $230.70

Getting Organized to Meet Your Sales Goals

What if you were asked right now to take on a new group of customers or to help train new salespeople? How would you deal with the change and still meet your goals? Being organized is a good starting point. This Challenge Series exercise explores how taking an organized approach to your sales tasks can help you achieve even the most demanding goals.
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Making Contact: Access Strategies

There is no magic wand that sales professionals can use to gain access to decision makers. Each business and individual is different, and your level of access will also be different depending on the situation. This Challenge Series exercise explores how to gain access to customer contacts in three separate situations. The learner plays the role of a sales professional at a software company offering innovation mapping software.
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Regaining Your Customer's Trust

Careless words and actions can quickly undermine the trusting relationships that you work so hard to develop with your customers. When you know you've lost a customer's trust, you'll have to make an honest, concerted effort to regain it. This Business Impact explores strategies for rebuilding trust and getting your relationship back on track.
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Managing a Sales Pipeline

Properly managing a sales pipeline is a competency that sales professionals develop through practice, planning, and perseverance. It requires a unique blend of knowledge, skill, and attitude. Pipeline management also relies on you to interpret and understand the story that your sales tools and reports tell – and the trends that they illustrate. This Challenge Series exercise asks you to demonstrate these pipeline management competencies as you analyze both historical and planned sales activity. You'll take the role of a sales professional reviewing your pipeline with a new sales manager.
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Demonstrating Business Acumen

Business acumen is an essential quality of the successful sales professional that transcends industry knowledge. It embodies strategic thinking, focused communication, and action orientation combined with insight, keenness, and quickness. This Challenge Series product explores strategies for demonstrating business acumen in sales situations. You will assume the role of a sales consultant in the energy management industry.
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Talking about the Competition

Gaining knowledge and insight about your competitors is essential in helping you differentiate your solution. But knowledge is not enough. You have to be able to communicate that knowledge skillfully in the sales conversation. This Business Impact explores tactics for communicating effectively about the competition.
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