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Find Out How Key Estate Planning Tools are Drafted and Implemented

Every client's estate is unique in its assets composition, family dynamics and future needs, but all are ruled by the same principles and are subject to the same tax and legal limitations. In this comprehensive legal guide, experienced attorney faculty will guide you through the process of estate planning and administration and show you how to select the best trust instruments and wield them skillfully to avoid mistakes at probate. They will also teach you how to properly administer the estate and tackle potential mistakes of improperly drafted documents, changed circumstances and newly arising conflicts. Become fully prepared to protect your client's legacies - register today!

  • Get an update on the current tax regime and other key regulations.
  • Get the case off on the right foot with a thorough and thoughtful client intake.
  • Compare key trust structures and their effect on the grantor and beneficiary tax future burdens.
  • Help clients plan for and fund long-term care.
  • Ensure confidentiality before and after the client's death.
  • Get useful checklists for key dates and tasks in estate administration.
  • Clarify what can be distributed through non-probate transfers and how to do it correctly.
  • Explore creditor issues in estate administration and get trouble-shooting tips from the pros.
  • Find out how much planning can still be done after the client's passing.
  • Discuss the duties and powers of fiduciaries, their limits and real-life application.
  • Get tips for closing the estate to prevent future disputes.


  1. Key Laws and Client Intake/Goal Setting
    9:00 - 10:05, Christine M. Zych
    1. Laws Governing the Estate Practice
    2. Current Federal Tax Regime
    3. Relevant State Taxes
    4. Reasons for Setting Up Trusts
    5. Client Meetings and Customizing Client Intake Forms
  2. Planning for Long-Term Care and End-of-Life Decisions
    10:20 - 11:25, A. Melissia Riddle
    1. Financial Powers of Attorney
    2. Advance Medical Directives
    3. Planning for Retirement and Estate Planning
    4. Long-Term Care Placement Options
    5. Funding Long-Term Care
    6. Medicaid Planning and Estate Recovery
      1. The Lookback Rules and the Penalty Period
      2. Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Assets
      3. Outright Gifts vs. Gifts Into Trust
    7. Special Needs Planning
  3. Testamentary Documents - Drafting Do's and Don'ts
    11:25 - 12:30, A. Melissia Riddle
    1. Wills vs. Trusts
    2. Testamentary Trust vs. Inter-Vivos Trust with a Pour-Over Will
    3. Designating Fiduciaries
    4. Recording Assets - Checklist
    5. Sample Will Review
  4. Common Trust Structures and When They're Used
    1:30 - 2:30, Bridget M. Nave
  5. Transfers During Life and Inter-Vivos Trusts
    2:45 - 3:45, Bridget M. Nave
    1. Beneficiary Designations
    2. Titling Assets
    3. Gifting Approaches
    4. Tax Effects of Asset Transfers During Life
    5. Top Creditor Protection Approaches
    6. Planning for Real Estate
    7. Types and Functions of Common Living Trusts
  6. Tax Consequences of Trusts
    3:45 - 4:30, Rosanne Horan


  1. Probate Process Overview
    9:00 - 10:00, Rosanne Horan
    1. Crucial Due Dates Timeline
    2. Intestacy Rules
    3. Executor's Duties and Powers
    4. Administration Process Checklist
  2. Marshalling Assets and Dealing with Creditors
    10:15 - 11:20, Rosanne Horan
    1. Dealing with Creditors: Notices, Apportionment
    2. Solving Liquidity Problems
    3. Claiming Portability Election
  3. Post-Mortem Tax Planning Options
    11:20 - 12:05, Rosanne Horan
  4. Legal Ethics in Estate Practice
    1:05 - 2:05, Gary M. Siegel
    1. Who is Your Client?
    2. Testamentary Capacity
    3. Protecting Confidentiality
    4. Attorney Fees
  5. Trust Administration and Termination Basics
    2:05 - 3:10, Susan Hamra
  6. Closing the Estate
    3:25 - 4:30, Susan Hamra
    1. Final Accounting
    2. Final Tax Returns
    3. Final Beneficiary Distributions
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Estate Planning and Administration: The Complete Guide
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