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You Will Learn How To:

  • Optimize code for reuse
  • Catch, handle and manipulate runtime errors
  • Create and receive PowerShell jobs
  • Streamline script input and output

Hands-On Experience Includes:

  • Building custom functions
  • Catching and handling terminating errors
  • Creating and invoking a job
  • Invoking standard windows dialogs

About This Course:

In this course attendees learn to optimize scripts for code reuse and error handling. Additionally, attendees learn to create more interactive and event driven scripts. Attendees should have experience with the PowerShell language at the level of Course 969, " Windows PowerShell: Automating Administrative Tasks ."

Who Should Attend:

This course is recommended for those with previous PowerShell experience who are looking to make more efficient scripts. This course is intended for those responsible for Windows administration or any technology that leverages PowerShell automation such as Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Sharepoint or VMware V-Sphere.

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