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Confidently Handle the Unique Complexities of Semi-Truck Injury Cases

Truck injury cases are "bigger" than traditional auto accidents; they involve multiple parties, heightened regulations, intensive investigations, and more severe injuries. Most importantly, truck accidents involve higher stakes - which is why a lost case can spell disaster for you and your clients. In this focused legal program, our seasoned faculty will provide you with the specialized knowledge and strategies you need to position your CMV accident cases for optimal success from start to finish. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your practice and confidently tackle these intricate and pivotal cases - register today!

  • Pick up knowledge, practice tips and techniques that are exclusive to commercial vehicle accident cases.
  • Examine truck injury cases from both perspectives to develop strategies and anticipate the opposing party's tactics.
  • Understand how liability is assigned among multiple defendants: drivers, trucking companies, brokers, etc.
  • Find out how to avoid - or take advantage of - top mistakes made by attorneys in CMV cases.
  • Navigate key federal, state and local trucking/truck safety regulations and examine what evidence is required to prove violations.
  • Discover how to effectively employ experts and evidence to evaluate damages and prove/disprove fault.
  • Obtain, authenticate and evaluate the admissibility of CSA and SAFER system data, black box information and more.

  1. Who's at Fault? Applying the Theories of Liability and Insurance Coverage Investigation
    9:00 - 9:50, Presented by Timothy Prentice in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.
    1. Trucker and Trucking Company
    2. Broker/Freight Forwarder/3PLs
    3. Shipper
    4. Truck Inspector or Repair/Maintenance Facility
    5. Products Liability - Manufacturer of Truck, Truck Components
    6. Shared Blame, Joint and Several Liability
    7. Does a Non-Trucking Liability Apply?
    8. Trucking Insurance Examination - Form MCS-90 and More
    9. Workers' Comp Considerations
    10. Impact of State Anti-Indemnity Statutes on Defense and Sharing of Risks
  2. Using FMCSRs and Other Trucking Laws/Regs to Support Your Case
    9:50 - 10:40, Written by Harris A. Phillips III. Presented by Christopher L. Brinkley in Tulsa and Harris A. Phillips III in Oklahoma City.
    1. Legal Update - CSA, SAFER, PSP and More
    2. Key Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR)
    3. Hours of Service
    4. Truck Driver Qualification, Supervision and Retention
    5. Trucking Company Training Requirements and Programs
    6. Truck Safety Standards
    7. State and Local Regulations
    8. Key Jurisdictional Issues - Which State's Laws Apply?
  3. Investigation, Authentication and Admissibility of Truck Accident Evidence
    10:55 - 11:45, Written by Jeremy A. Thurman. Presented by Jeremy A. Thurman in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.
    1. Applicable FMCSR and Gathering Information via Requests, FOIA, the Internet
    2. Evidence Preservation and Spoliation Claims
    3. Accident Site Investigation, Accident Reports
    4. FMCSA Compliance Records and Admissibility of CSA, SAFER Data, etc.
    5. Company Policies/Procedures, Driver Qualifications, Training, Safety, Monitoring and Discipline Docs
    6. Medical Evaluations of Trucker
    7. Hours of Service Documents
    8. Driver Logbooks
    9. Cell Phone Records, GPS and ECM/Black Box, DriveCam, Other Telematics
    10. Truck Inspection, Maintenance and Shipping Records
  4. Calculating and Negotiating Damages in CMV Accidents
    12:45 - 1:35, Written by Mark Edwards. Presented by Mark Edwards in Tulsa and Timothy Prentice in Oklahoma City.
    1. Using Medical Records, MRIs and CT Scans to Calculate Damages
    2. Economic: Future Medical Expenses, Lost Earnings and Earning Capacity
    3. Pain and Suffering Damages
    4. Punitive Damages
    5. Evaluation of Traumatic Brain Injury Damages
    6. Wrongful Death Damages
    7. Depositions of Lay Damage Witnesses
    8. Preparation and Examination of Damages Experts (Life Care Planners, Economist, Medical Doctors, etc.)
  5. Truck Accident Witness Strategies for the Plaintiff and Defense
    1:35 - 2:25, Written by Jeremy A. Thurman. Presented by Jeremy A. Thurman in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.
    1. Depositions of the Motor Carrier and its Employees
    2. Law Enforcement Officers, CMV Inspectors and Accident Reconstructionists
    3. Truck Safety/Training/Regulation Expert Witness
    4. Load and Cargo Securement - Admission/Authentication of Expert Testimony
    5. Human Factors and Conspicuity Experts
  6. Trial Strategies for the Plaintiff and Defense
    2:40 - 3:30, Written by Jim Buxton. Presented by Christopher L. Brinkley in Tulsa and Jim Buxton in Oklahoma City.
    1. Venue, Removal, Remand and Forum Non Conveniens
    2. Top Mistakes Attorneys Make in Truck Cases
    3. Creatively Utilizing Motions in Limine and Other Pretrial Motions
    4. Voir Dire - Overcoming Bias Towards Trucks/Trucking
    5. Opening Statements - What Works vs. What Doesn't in Truck Cases
    6. Exhibit Strategies: Hours of Service Violations, Driver Fatigue, Brake Adjustment, Animations, Simulations and Damages Exhibits
  7. Ethical Issues and Solutions
    3:30 - 4:30, Presented by Timothy Prentice in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.
    1. Conflict of Interest Traps for Both Sides
    2. Insurance Coverage Issues
    3. Lien Resolution
    4. Settlement and Negotiations

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