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Tackle Complex SSDI Cases and Succeed at ALJ Hearings

Do you have the skills you need to handle every challenge and legal risk before and during the hearing process? Are you utilizing all the tools and techniques at your disposal? This engaging course will help optimize your performance at administrative law judge hearings and improve your ability to tackle special issues with greater skill and confidence. Register today!

  • Get the hearing results you want with advanced case presentation strategies.
  • Gain proven techniques for navigating the administrative hearing.
  • Tackle complex issues of unemployment insurance and SSD benefits, medical opinions and vocational expert testimony.
  • Get the latest updates on the tools of the trade, including DOT, HALLEX, FIT and recent changes to POMS.

Session Time: 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM Eastern
Presenter: Peter Casciano

  • Administrative Law Judge Hearing
    • Know Your Case!
    • Preparing Your Client
    • Preparing Case Theory Memos for the Judge
    • Using Lay Witness and Statements
    • Know When to Quit
  • Developing the Record
    • Explaining and Documenting Functional Limitations
    • Medical Opinions to Win Your Case
    • Handling and Requesting Consultative Exams and Medical Experts
    • Preserving the Record for Appeal
    • Post Hearing Submissions
  • Vocational Testimony
    • Cross Examination of Vocational Expert
    • Sources of Vocational Data
    • Challenging Opinions on the Number of Jobs
    • Challenging the Vocation Expert's Credentials
  • Unemployment Insurance and SSD Benefits
  • Your Tools: Social Security Rulings, DOT, HALLEX, and the POMS
  • Medical Expert Testimony
  • Requesting On-the-Record Decisions

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