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Are you up-to-speed on the sweeping changes regarding lien stripping?

Enhance your knowledge of lien avoidance and stripping after the recent SCOTUS decision. Get the best possible outcome for your clients in Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases and gain new insight into availability of "Chapter 20" Relief. Register today!

  • Explore lien stripping implications and avoidance in Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  • Identify opportunities in bankruptcy cases after the recent SCOTUS decision.
  • Gain insight into availability of "Chapter 20" Relief.
  • Be prepared for litigation issues that arise in lien stripping and avoidance cases.

Session Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern
Presented by: Russell D. Garrett

  1. What the Recent SCOTUS Decision Means for Lien Stripping in Chapter 7
  2. Implications for Chapter 13?
  3. Chapter 13 Overview and Treatment of Liens and Lien Stripping/Avoidance
  4. Identifying Lien Avoidance or Lien Stripping Opportunities and Strategies Between Chapters
  5. Availability of "Chapter 20" Relief
  6. Litigation Issues That Arise in Lien Stripping/Lien Avoidance Cases

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