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Understand the Nuances of Single Member LLC Veil Piercing

How strong is the single member LLC veil? What are the leading factors courts consider, and when will the single member LLC veil be pierced to find "alter ego" liability? Our knowledgeable faculty will bring you up to speed with case law, recent trends and a walk through the top factors and evidence that lead to the piercing of single member LLCs. You will also learn what can be done on the front end to minimize potential piercing. Get the latest on this developing area of law - register today!

  • Analyze the key factors that influence a court's decision to allow piercing of the single member LLC veil.
  • Examine the specific vulnerabilities of single member LLCs vs. other business structures.
  • Understand how manipulation or misuse of the single member LLC is exposed.
  • Explore best practices in single member LLC formation and operating agreement drafting strategies that minimize potential piercing.

Session Time: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Eastern
Presented by: Paul Porvaznik

  • Limiting Personal Liability: Forming a Single Member LLC
  • Drafting SMLLC Operating Agreements to Limit Piercing - Do's, Don'ts and Sample Language
  • Piercing the Single Member LLC Veil
    • Alter Ego Theory
    • How Strong is the Single Member LLC Veil? Recent Trends
    • Case Law for the Plaintiff
    • Case Law for the Defendant
    • Specific Vulnerabilities for SMLLCs
    • Analysis of Top "Factors" (Undercapitalization, Commingled Funds, etc.)
    • Uncovering Manipulation/Misuse of the SMLLC

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