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A Step by Step Guide to the Estate Planning Process

Working with clients from the initial interview through the final draft of the plan, you need to ensure the clients' financial interests are protected and their final wishes are carried out precisely and efficiently. Join our faculty as they help you solidify your estate planning practice skills. Register today!

  • Apply the basic principles of drafting wills and trusts to effectively document your client's bequests.
  • Advise your clients on the various types of ownership and property transfers available.
  • Stay up-to-date on the common trust structures and recognize the pros and cons of each.
  • Understand how taxes will impact your clients' beneficiaries and how your plan can minimize the burden.

This is a rebroadcast of the original webcast delivered by Dera L. Johnsen-Tracy, T. James Lee and Allison Muney on December 14, 2016. Faculty will be available to answer your questions after the program.

All times are shown in Eastern time

  1. Purpose and Practice of Estate Planning
    10:00 - 10:50, Allison Muney
    1. Overview
    2. Data Gathering and Analysis
    3. Checklists
    4. Laws of Intestacy: States Survey
  2. Types of Ownership and Property Transfer
    10:50 - 11:40, Dera L. Johnsen-Tracy
    1. Types of Ownership
    2. Wills
      1. Legal Requirements/Testator Capacity
      2. Revocation Of
      3. Provisions
    3. Powers of Appointment
    4. Disclaimers
    5. Executor, Trustee, Attorney Selection and Duties
    6. Probate
  3. Gifts and Other Inter-Vivos Transfers
    11:55 - 12:45, Dera L. Johnsen-Tracy
    1. Outright Gifts Tactics and Reporting
    2. Beneficiary Designations
    3. Titling Assets
    4. Tax Effects of Asset Transfers During Life
    5. Top Creditor Protection Approaches
    6. Tenancy by Entirety, TODs and DODs: Common Mistakes to Avoid
  4. Tax Planning for Trusts and Estates
    1:15 - 2:05, T. James Lee
    1. Federal Tax Update: Rates, Exemptions, etc.
    2. Portability
    3. Estate, Gift and GST Tax
      1. General
      2. Filing and Extensions
      3. Generation-Skipping Taxes
      4. Post-Mortem Tax Elections
      5. Uniform Gifts to Persons Act
    4. Income Tax Planning for Trusts and Estates
  5. Other Estate Planning Tools and Documents
    2:05 - 2:55, Dera L. Johnsen-Tracy
    1. Powers of Attorney
    2. Advance Health Care Selections (Living Wills)
    3. Planning for Non-Traditional Relationships
    4. Charitable Giving Basics
    5. Intra-Family and Other Business Transfer Approaches
    6. Retirement and Employee Benefits
  6. Common Trust Structures: When and How They're Used, and Their Tax Consequences
    3:10 - 4:00, T. James Lee
    1. Marital Deduction and Bypass Trusts
    2. §2503(b) and (c) Trusts
    3. Grantor Retained Interest Trusts (GRITs)
    4. Intentionally "Defective" Trusts
    5. Revocable Trusts
    6. Tax Basis Irrevocable Trusts
  7. Legal Ethics in Estate Planning
    4:00 - 5:00, Allison Muney
    1. Who is Your Client?
    2. Protecting Confidentiality
    3. Attorney Fees and Engagement Agreements
    4. Attorneys as Fiduciaries
    5. Preventing Unauthorized Practice of Law

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