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Remain Up to Date and in Compliance

Do you find yourself using medical records in your everyday practice? If so, it can be easy to unknowingly violate HIPAA regulations while distributing or interpreting a client's confidential medical information. Don't leave yourself liable for a lawsuit. Learn how to appropriately retain and distribute medical records while complying with HIPAA at this informational program. Register today!

  • Determine which organizations are HIPAA covered entities or business associates.
  • Understand what sanctions can be imposed for violating HIPAA confidentiality requirements.
  • Know proper procedures for requesting and receiving medical records.

Session Time: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Eastern
Presenter: Jeffery P. Drummond

  1. HIPAA Title II
    1. The Privacy Rule
      1. Who and What: Covered Entities and the Definition of PHI
      2. Rules Regarding Use and Disclosure of PHI
      3. Patient Rights under HIPAA
      4. Responsibilities of Covered Entities under HIPAA
    2. The Security Rule
      1. Specific Issues with Electronic PHI
      2. Administrative, Physical and Technical Safeguards
  2. Using HIPAA Protected Documents in Litigation
    1. Requesting Medical Records - How to Do It Right
    2. Limitations on Use of Medical Records in Litigation
    3. What Happens to the Produced Medical Records After Litigation?
  3. Penalties for Violating Medical Records Confidentiality
  4. Attorneys as Business Associates: Ensuring Compliance
  5. How to Keep Medical Records Safe - Tips for Cautious Attorneys
    1. Security Rule Safeguards
    2. Documenting All Communications and Persons Contacted
    3. Protecting Confidentiality
      1. When Requesting and Receiving Medical Records
      2. When Organizing, Reviewing, E-mailing and Faxing Records
      3. When Printing Records
      4. When Storing the Case Files

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