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Smoothly Navigate the Different Adoption Procedures

Are you looking to build an understanding of one of the most rewarding areas of law? Our experienced faculty will walk you through the different adoption processes and provide you with the necessary forms for handling adoption cases. Examine procedures for independent/private, agency, stepparent, relative and other types of adoptions. Learn how to avoid adoption pitfalls, receive pointers for tackling the various issues that can arise and more. Don't miss this opportunity - register today!

  • Get detailed, step-by-step procedural guidance on different types of adoptions.
  • Walk away with sample adoption petitions, consents, final decrees and other documents.
  • Find out how to properly deal with termination of parental rights proceedings.
  • Examine how to deal with unknown/missing birth fathers, name changes and other issues that arise in the adoption process.
  • Receive practical pointers on interfacing with governmental agencies and other parties.
  • Anticipate written and unwritten rules that can pose obstacles in adoption.

  1. Overview of Adoption Law
    9:00 - 10:00, Nefertiti C. Jordan
    1. State Laws Governing Adoptions
    2. Federal Laws That Complicate Adoptions
    3. Types of Adoptions and Their Timetables
    4. Contested vs. Uncontested Adoptions
    5. Agency vs. Agency-Assisted vs. Independent Adoptions
    6. Representing Birth Parents vs. Adoptive Parents
  2. The Adoption Process: A Checklist Guide
    10:15 - 11:15, Louis G. Guzzo
    1. Client Intake (w/Sample Adoption Intake Forms)
    2. Advising Clients on the Financial Implications of Adoption, Tax Credits and Assistance
    3. The Finding Process
    4. Conducting Background Checks and Obtaining Medical Histories/Prenatal Care Records
    5. The Homestudy: Requirements and What Evaluators Look for
    6. Termination of Parental Rights Procedures
      1. Voluntary Relinquishment and Consent
      2. Involuntary Termination
      3. Termination Hearings and Appeals
    7. Necessary Court Filings: Unwritten Rules That Can Hinder the Adoption
    8. Post-Placement Reports
    9. Dealing with Notice Requirements
    10. Adoption Finalization Hearings: A Practical Guide for New Attorneys
    11. Reviewing the Final Order (w/Sample)
    12. Post-Adoption Wrap Up
  3. Preparing the Adoption Petition, Consents and Other Essential Documents (w/Samples)
    11:15 - 12:15, Nefertiti C. Jordan
  4. Stepparent, Relative and Other Adoptions: Procedural Nuances
    1:15 - 2:15, Deborah E. Spivack
    1. Stepparent Adoption Procedures
    2. Relative Adoption Procedures
    3. Same Sex Adoptions
    4. Single Parent Adoptions
    5. Unborn Adoptive Child vs. Infant/Child vs. Adult Adoption
    6. Open vs. Closed Adoptions (w/Sample PACA)
    7. Foster and Special Needs Adoptions
    8. Re-Adoptions (Domestication of Foreign Adoptions)
    9. Peculiarities of Adoption Practice in Different Counties
    10. Guardianship vs. Adoption
  5. Dangers and Difficulties of the Adoption Process
    2:15 - 3:15, Deborah E. Spivack
    1. Adoption Pitfalls New Attorneys Should be Wary of
    2. Spotting Adoption Scams
    3. Avoiding Unlawful Reimbursement of Birth Mother Expenses
    4. Birth Mother Won't Identify the Birth Father
    5. Serving Notice to Unknown/Missing Birth Fathers
    6. Contested Adoptions - Case Law Review
    7. Dealing with Vulnerable Birth Parents (Minors, Incarcerated Parents, etc.)
    8. Changing Names and Social Security Numbers
    9. Child Born with Serious Medical Problems
    10. Interfacing with Social Services in Adoptions
    11. Past-Due Child Support Owed at the Time of Adoption
    12. Adoptive Parents Wish to Return Child
    13. Appeal of Adoption Judgments
  6. Adhering to Ethical Guidelines in Adoption Law
    3:30 - 4:30, Louis G. Guzzo
    1. When to Decline Representation
    2. Duty of Confidentiality
    3. Duties of Diligence and Communication
    4. Handling Fees and Costs
    5. Dealing with Third Parties in the Process

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