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A Comprehensive Guide to Real Estate Title Law

A clear title is the foundation of any real estate transaction. Do you have the necessary skills to shore up critical title issues that undermine transactional foundations? This fast paced, comprehensive title law training will provide valuable information you can use to maximize title protections for your clients. Experienced faculty will take you through a crucible of title commitment analysis, title defect cures, insurance coverage maximization and more. Arm yourself with cutting-edge title law tactics - register today!

  • Ensure your knowledge of real estate title issues is up to par.
  • Get the latest TRID-related updates that affect title insurance policies and premiums.
  • Be thorough in title reviews - confidently spot issues in land surveys and title commitments
  • Obtain title insurance endorsements that fit the transaction and provide crucial protections down the road.
  • Efficiently cure title defects when title insurance endorsements are a less than optimal solution.
  • Analyze title insurance policies for last-minute additions that substantially change coverage.

  1. Title Law Updates: Ensuring Compliance in a Post-TRID World
    9:00 - 10:00, Jon T. Anderson
  2. Conducting Thorough Title Reviews: Analyzing Title Commitments and Land Surveys
    10:15 - 11:15, Jon T. Anderson
    1. How Insurers Conduct Title Searches: A Brief Overview
    2. Insurer's Obligations Under the Title Commitment
    3. Analyzing Schedule A
      1. Preliminary Information: Verifying Dates, Amounts etc.
      2. Name Variations with Individual Owners, Trusts and Corporate Entities
      3. Complete and Accurate Legal Descriptions
    4. Schedule B-I
      1. Pending Litigation, Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Pitfalls
      2. Last-Minute Deeds, Mortgages and Liens That Fall in the Gap Period
    5. Taking a Close Look at Schedule B-II
      1. Standard Exceptions Explained
      2. Special Exceptions: Liens, Easements and Other Considerations
      3. How Will Standard or Special Exceptions Affect the Transaction?
    6. Analyzing Land Surveys
      1. Minimum Survey Standards
      2. How to Order the ALTA Survey
      3. Reviewing and Correcting the ALTA Plan
      4. Reviewing Sample Land Surveys and Legal Descriptions
    7. Sample Title Review Checklists
  3. Maximizing Title Insurance Protections: Essential Endorsements, Negotiation Strategies and More
    11:15 - 12:15, Jon T. Anderson
    1. Removal of - or Coverage for - Standard Exceptions: Key Negotiation Strategies
    2. Insuring Over Common Risks - Which Endorsements to Obtain and Why
    3. Special Endorsements - Ensuring They Fit the Situation
    4. Key Endorsements for Survey-Related Issues
    5. Negotiating Endorsement Fees
    6. Advising Clients of Their Options - Risk vs. Cost Analysis
    7. ALTA Endorsement Updates
  4. Curing Title Defects: Alternatives to Endorsements
    1:15 - 2:15, Richard J. Fox
    1. Dealing with Breaks in Chain of Title, Including Estate Issues
    2. Title Curing Statutes
    3. Mortgage Releases and Alternatives to Release
    4. Title Indemnity Agreements
    5. ALTA Owner Affidavits
    6. Discharging Liens
    7. Unrecorded Leases
    8. Encroachments, Overlaps and Other Boundary Issues
      1. Boundary Line Agreements
      2. Quiet Title Actions
      3. Adverse Possession Claims
  5. Spot-Checking the Title Insurance Policy: Locating Gaps in Coverage
    2:15 - 3:15, Richard J. Fox
    1. When to Obtain Pro Forma Policies
    2. Are the Necessary Endorsements There?
    3. Spotting Last-Minute Additions
    4. Working with Title Insurance Companies to Make Changes
    5. Locating Common Policy Mistakes
    6. Sample Policy Review
    7. Closing Protection Letters
  6. Ethical Considerations
    3:30 - 4:30, Richard J. Fox
    1. Duties of Competence and Diligence
    2. Conflicts of Interest
    3. Disclosure of Defects in Property
    4. Attorneys' Fees

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