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Learn how to deal effectively with angry customers, clients, or colleagues. This carefully designed approach gives you the ability to work through conflicts and remain calm in the work environment. You'll learn how to distinguish between a disturbed and upset customer and how to collaborate with each toward a positive, win-win outcome.

  • Gain skills to maintain composure in difficult situations.
  • Benefit from open communication and conflict resolution.
  • Gain trust from customers when their problems are solved.
Session 1
  • Section A: Calming Upset Customers
    • Introduction
    • Course Overview
  • Section B: Why Customers Get Upset
    • People and Systems
    • Why Customers Leave
    • Avoidable Upsets
    • Key Fact
  • Section C: Responding to Upset Customers
    • First Impressions
    • Right Words
    • Key Fact
  • Section D: Calming Your Customers
    • Listening
    • Calming Techniques
    • The Telephone
    • Reaching Agreement
    • Key Fact
    • Customer Satisfaction
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