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In today's changing workplace, employee commitment and company loyalty are major issues faced by employers in every business sector.

This LearnKey course based on the book Managing for Commitment by Carol Kinsey Goman, provides organizations and supervisors specifically defined steps for establishing good management skills and increasing employee trust and loyalty. By presenting concepts that teach balancing self-fulfillment with job commitment, managers empower employees, thus increasing productivity and company loyalty.

  • Build a committed, growth-oriented organization.
  • Create a better work environment and increase success.
  • Increase employee trust and loyalty with communication.
Session 1
  • Section A: Managing for Commitment
    • Introduction
    • Key Fact
  • Section B: The New Workforce
    • What is Loyalty?
    • The New Millennium
    • New Values
    • Key Fact
  • Section C: Building Commitment
    • Trust
    • Communication
    • Showing You Care
    • Key Fact
  • Section D: Six Steps to Loyalty
    • Catering to Employees
    • Step 1: Communicate Candidly
    • Step 2: Empower Employees
    • Step 3: Develop Employees
    • Step 4: Show Appreciation
    • Step 5: Manage Ethically and Impartially
    • Step 6: Promote Workplace Wellness
    • Conclusion

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