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Turn good customer service into increased sales and increased customer satisfaction.

This course shows you how to leverage your good customer service to achieve the best possible outcome: customers get more of what they want while your sales go up and your business improves.

At the end of this course you will understand how to listen for nonverbal and verbal signals, ask open-ended questions to help you help the shopper, and build multiple item sales.

  • Discover new ways to use teamwork to create innovative business solutions
  • Learn how to keep your team on track so you can streamline decision making
  • Find out how you can project inspirational but focused leadership
Session 1
  • Section A: Customer Service and Selling
    • Spectacular Service
  • Section B: Three Cornerstones
    • Listening
    • Probing
    • Building the Sale
  • Section C: Service Impact
    • Customer's Perception
    • Customer Clues
    • Finding Specific Needs
  • Section D: Strengthening Sale Knowledge
    • Salesman Test
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The Cornerstones Of Sales And Customer Service Online course
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