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This course takes up where the Optima Train Excel 2016 Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts course leaves off. It all revolves around the fairly new suite of Microsoft “Power” tools, often referred to as Power BI. The course has three primary themes. First, it teaches you a number of methods for importing data (from a database, text files, or other sources) into Excel. The primary emphasis is on Power Query. Second, it devotes considerable time to the Excel Data Model and Power Pivot for analyzing data with pivot tables. These take traditional pivot tables to a whole new level. Third, it shows how Power View and Power Map can be used to create insightful reports and maps with very little work.

Category: Office Productivity/Microsoft

What are the requirements?

Microsoft Office 2016 (Professional Plus or higher)
What am I going to get from this course?

Over 4 hours of video content, with corresponding Excel data files for hands-on practice
An understanding of how the four components of Microsoft’s Power BI suite (Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View, and Power Map) work together to provide amazing data analysis possibilities, all within Excel
How to import data from various data sources into Excel, both with older tools and the newer Power Query tools, with emphasis on the latter
An understanding of the relationship between the Excel Data Model and Power Pivot
An understanding of how Power Pivot adds significant power to Excel’s existing data analysis tools
How to use the Power Pivot user interface, and how to create pivot tables with Power Pivot
How to use the DAX language in Power Pivot to create calculated columns and measures, and why DAX is so powerful
How to create named sets, hierarchies, and KPIs (key performance indicators) with Power Pivot
How Power View and Power Map can be used to create insightful reports and maps with very little work
What is the target audience?

Any competent Excel users who want to be on the leading edge with Excel’s latest and most powerful data analysis tools

Course Curriculum
Files to Use
Exercise Files
Introduction to Course
Welcome to Power Pivot and Advanced BI Tools Course FREE
Power Query and Other Tools for Importing Data
Overview of Importing External Data into Excel and Power Query
Introduction to Relational Databases
Introduction to Queries
Introduction to Power Query
Power Query User Interface
More Power Query Possibilities
Importing Data from the Web
Using Microsoft Query
Importing Azure DataMarket Data
Power Pivot for Analyzing Data
Overview of Pivot Table Technologies
Introduction to OLAP
Understanding the Excel Data Model Versus Power Pivot
Pivot Tables Based on a Data Model 1
Advantages of the Excel Data Model over Regular Pivot Tables
Advantages of Power Pivot over the Excel Data Model
Migrating to Power Pivot for Excel 2016 FREE
Help in Power Pivot
Power Pivot User Interface
Getting Data into Power Pivot
Creating Relationships in Power Pivot
Building Pivot Tables in Power Pivot
More on Building Pivot Tables in Power Pivot
Working in Data View in Power Pivot
Introduction to DAX in Power Pivot
Learning about DAX Functions
Creating Calculated Columns with DAX
Using the RELATED and RELATEDTABLE Functions
Whether to Denormalize an Excel Data Model
Creating Measures with DAX
One Huge Benefit of DAX Measures
Understanding Pivot Table Evaluation
Many-to-Many Relationships in Power Pivot
Counting Distinct Values in Power Pivot
Using the CALCULATE Function 1
Using the CALCULATE Function 2
Using Date Functions in Power Pivot
Using a Parameter Table in Power Pivot
Hierarchies in Power Pivot
Named Sets in Power Pivot
KPIs in Power Pivot
Cube Functions in Power Pivot
Power View and Power Map for Creating Reports
Introduction to Power View
Power View User Interface
More Power View Possibilities
Introduction to Power Map
Power Map User Interface
More Power Map Possibilities
Conclusion to Course
Conclusion to Power Pivot and Advanced BI Tools Course

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