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This course provides an in-depth coverage of pivot tables and pivot charts in Excel 2016. These are two of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, data analysis tools in Excel’s arsenal, and they should definitely be mastered by anyone who aspires to becoming an Excel “power user.” As this course will illustrate with many examples, the tools are surprisingly easy to learn and use—once you know they exist.

Category: Office Productivity/Microsoft

What are the requirements?

Microsoft Office 2016
What am I going to get from this course?

Over 3 hours of video content, with corresponding Excel data files for hands-on practice
An understanding of how pivot tables allow you to break down numerical data by categories, something other Excel tools can do, but not nearly so quickly or easily
How to build pivot tables by clicking and dragging
An understanding of the advantages of using Excel tables as a basis for pivot tables
How to base pivot tables from an external source or an Excel data model
How to build pivot charts, which are automatically synchronized with the corresponding pivot tables
How to sort and filter in pivot tables
Methods for grouping categories, especially dates, with many categories in pivot tables
An understanding of the role of pivot caches for extremely fast pivot table calculation
How conditional formatting in pivot tables provides even more insightful reports
How to create calculated items and calculated fields for pivot tables
How to use pivot tables for finding unique values, creating histograms, and classification (learning which variables are related to a Yes/No variable)
What is the target audience?

Any competent Excel users who want to take their Excel data analysis skills to a whole new level

Course Curriculum
Files to Use
Exercise Files
Introduction to Course
Welcome to Excel 2016 Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts Course FREE
Why Pivot Tables?
What Pivot Tables Do for You FREE
Life without Pivot Tables
Creating a Pivot Table
Data Structure for Pivot Tables
Creating a Pivot Table
Pivot Charts
Pivot Table Layouts
Excel Tables
Pivot Tables Based on a Table
Pivot Tables Based on External Data
Pivot Tables Based on a Data Model 1
Pivot Tables Based on a Data Model 2
Basic Pivot Table Tools
Pivot Table Fields Pane Options
Placing Fields in a Pivot Table
Multiple Fields in the Values Area
Value Field Settings for a Numeric Field
Displaying Counts in a Pivot Table
Show Values As Options
Filtering and Collapsing on Row and Column Fields
Field Settings for a Categorical Field
Sorting in Pivot Tables
Sorting with a Custom List
More Filters for Row and Column Fields
Slicers for Filtering
Styles for Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
Grouping by Category
More on Grouping by Date
Other Pivot Table Tools
Pivot Cache
Converting a Pivot Table to Static Values
Grouping by Selection
Showing Report Filter Pages
Displaying Cells with No Data
PivotTable Options Dialog Box
Selecting, Copying, Moving, Clearing, Deleting a Pivot Table
Refreshing a Pivot Table
Avoiding Pivot Cache Sharing
Conditional Formatting in Pivot Tables
Calculated Fields
Calculated Items
Formulas Referencing Pivot Table Cells
Using GetPivotTable for Custom Reports
Efficiency Tips for Pivot Tables
Selected Uses of Pivot Tables
Finding Unique Values with a Pivot Table
Creating a Histogram with a Pivot Table
Using Pivot Tables for Classification
Conclusion to Course
Conclusion to Excel 2016 Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts Course

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