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This introductory course covers the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel 2016. It assumes you have used Excel, at least at an elementary level, such as opening and saving an Excel file. This course will drastically increase your productivity and broaden your Excel skills.

The course begins with the Excel user interface: the tabs and ribbons, the backstage view, and the Quick Access Toolbar. It then teaches you methods for performing common Excel tasks, such as moving around large worksheets, selecting ranges, copying and pasting, working with formulas, creating and modifying charts, and printing. It also teaches you best spreadsheet practices for making your spreadsheets attractive and understandable by others. Throughout, the focus is not just on performing common tasks in Excel, but performing them efficiently.

Category: Office Productivity/Microsoft

What are the requirements?

Microsoft Office 2016
What am I going to get from this course?

Close to 4 hours of video content, plus an Excel add-in for premium subscribers
An understanding of the Excel user interface, including changes to Excel since 2007
Efficiency tips on moving around worksheets and selecting large ranges
Efficiency tips on copying, cutting, and selecting formulas and ranges
How to manipulate rows, columns, and worksheets
How to take control of printing worksheets
How to format efficiently and effectively
How to work effectively with formulas, including auditing for correctness
How to create and modify charts effectively
How to use common but powerful Excel functions, including IF and VLOOKUP
Best practices for creating attractive and understandable spreadsheets
What is the target audience?

Any beginning Excel users who want to become more efficient and take their Excel skills to the next level

Course Curriculum
Files to Use
Exercise Files
Introduction to Course
Welcome to Excel 2016 Fundamentals Course FREE
Intro to Optima Train Tutorial FREE
Excel User Interface
Intro to Excel User Interface
Tabs and Ribbons FREE
Customizing Ribbons
File Menu
Quick Access Toolbar
Opening Recent Files
Excel Options
File Extensions
Single Document Interface
Evolution of Excel
Changes in Excel
Excel Basics
Intro to Excel Basics
Intro to Moving and Selecting
Going Home to Cell A1
Splitting the Screen
Selecting a Range with Keys
Selecting a Range By Pointing
Selecting Multiple Ranges
Go To Options
Copying, Cutting, & Pasting
Intro to Copying, Cutting, Pasting
Copying and Pasting
Cutting and Pasting
Paste Special Options
Transposing a Range
Office Clipboard
Other Basic Tools
Intro to Other Basic Tools
Undoing Actions
Shortcut Keys
Number Formats
Manipulating Rows, Columns
Manipulating Worksheets
Cell Borders
Shapes and Pictures
Filling a Series
Sorting and Custom Lists
Adding Hyperlinks
Intro to Working with Formulas
Relative, Absolute Addresses
Calculation Options
AutoSum Button
Error Codes
Range Names 1
Intro to Charts
Creating a Chart
Chart Types
Modifying a Chart
Locating a Chart
Intro to Functions
Function Help
Intro to Basic Summarizing Functions
Intro to Two Essential Functions
Spreadsheet Best Practices
Intro to Spreadsheet Best Practices
Documenting Your Work
Conditional Formatting
Conclusion to Course
Conclusion to Excel 2016 Fundamentals Course

The student will have access to this training for 365 days from purchase of this course
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Practical Excel 2016 for the Workplace – Fundamentals Online course
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