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Overcome Key Challenges and Maximize Damages

Prevailing in pre-existing injury cases is a challenging task - are you taking full command of the tools at your disposal? Our veteran faculty will share time-tested techniques for proving causation, overcoming defense tactics, avoiding common pitfalls and ultimately maximizing your client's settlement. Enhance your practice - register today!

  • Learn how to thoroughly investigate pre-existing injuries.
  • Discover how to effectively apply the eggshell plaintiff rule.
  • Anticipate and overcome key insurance defense strategies in exacerbation cases.
  • Find out how to strategically use doctors and reports to establish causation.

Session Time: 10:00 AM - 1:15 PM Eastern
Presenters: Deborah M. Field, Lee Rosenfeld
and Dr. James E. Szalados

  • Spotting Red Flags During Client Intake
    • Deciding Whether to Take the Case
    • Performing Due Diligence Before Getting in Too Deep
  • Distinguishing Between "Eggshell Plaintiff" and Exacerbation of Prior Conditions
  • Effectively Applying the "Eggshell Plaintiff Rule" to the Case
  • Effectively Applying the Exacerbation Rule to the Case
  • Locating, Obtaining and Analyzing Medical History - How to Overcome Insurance Defense Strategies
    • Source, Timing, Placement and Seriousness of the Previous Injury
    • Locating and Requesting ALL of the Medical Records - Tips and Tactics
    • What to Look for in Medical Records - Before and After the Accident
    • What to Look for in Radiology Tests - Before and After the Accident
    • How Insurance Companies Use Pre-Existing Injuries/Conditions
  • Using Doctors and Narrative Reports to Prove/Disprove Causation
  • How to Maximize Damages for the Worsening of the Condition
  • Trial Strategies: Presenting Evidence of the Previous Injury to the Judge/Jury
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Pre-Existing Injuries: Proving Exacerbation and/or Aggravation
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  • Duration:
    1 day
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  • Date:
    Monday 1/22/2018
  • Time:
    10:00 am EST to 5:00 pm EST
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