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Strategically Handle Your Clients Assets Using LLCs

Do you have the skill you need to protect your client's assets in a LLC? Gain valuable tips, techniques and strategies for properly structuring the LLC to meet your clients' needs while preserving their resources. Make these strategies an essential part of you practice. Register today!

  • Learn when an LLC veil can be pierced and how to minimize liability.
  • Examine some of the top mistakes attorneys make concerning asset protection with LLCs.
  • Understand the various taxation strategies and traps in structuring LLCs.

Session Time: 2:00 - 3:30 PM Eastern
Presenters: Eric C. Boughman and Gary A. Forster

  • LLC Veil Piercing and the Alter Ego Theory
  • Structuring and Funding the LLC: Advanced Asset Protection Strategies
  • Asset Protection with LLCs - Top Attorney Mistakes
  • Forming an LLC to Purchase Real Estate
  • Protection of Personal Assets in the LLC
  • Using LLCs and Trusts Together: Attorney Strategies
  • Using LLCs and IRA's Together
  • Transfer of Interest Do's and Don'ts
  • Taxation Strategies, Reporting Traps and Tips
  • LLC Charging Order Provision Pitfalls and Pointers
  • Properly Capitalizing Your LLC to Meet Third Party Obligations
  • The use of Single-Member LLCs to Protect Assets
  • Thoroughly Documenting the "Business Purpose" of the LLC
  • Recent Case Law

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