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Fulfill your special credit requirements - and come away with useful techniques.

This insightful course offers an in-depth analysis of one of the most sensitive problems troubling legal professionals today - addiction. Review the common causes of addiction and contributing factors in addictive behavior and learn practical techniques for their detection and prevention. Register today!

  • Review common symptoms of substance abuse so you can spot them early on, even in the "functional" addicts.
  • What are your legal obligations if you spot a colleague's addiction? Let us help you do the right thing.
  • Get simple tips that'll help you detect and address addiction, and help a colleague or yourself to turn back to a fulfilling career in the law.
  • Find out what resources exist to help attorneys struggling with addiction.

Session Time: 1:00 - 2:00 PM Eastern
Presented by: Anne Chambers and Anne McDonald

  • Substance Abuse: Prevention, Detection and Treatment
    • Types of Controlled Substances and Symptoms of Abuse
    • Effects on Work and Clients
    • Legal Obligations of Attorneys Who Suspect Substance Abuse in a Colleague
    • Treatment Options
  • Gambling, Work, Sex, Food and Other Addictions
    • Causes
    • Detection
    • Remedies
  • Lawyer Assistance Programs (LAP)

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