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Recognize the Top Appraisal Report Landmines

Real estate appraisal reports can provide invaluable information, but having an incomplete understanding of them can create hazards for your clients. How far does your knowledge extend? Clients depend on you to spot and spring potential traps that lurk in real estate appraisal reports. From ensuring correct valuation methods are used to spotting critical inaccuracies and errors, spot appraisal report issues that can prove devastating for your clients - register today!

  • Analyze real estate appraisal reports and locate inconsistencies that could spell trouble for your clients.
  • Differentiate between real estate valuation methods and determine if the correct one was used.
  • Recognize source material errors that call the accuracy of real estate appraisal reports into question.

Session time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern
Presented by Ashley L. Lies

  • Essential Elements of the Appraisal Report
  • Types of Reports, Their Uses and Their Limitations
  • Appraiser Credentials: Do They Have the Necessary Expertise and Qualifications?
  • Methods of Valuation: Is the Correct One Being Used?
  • Past Transactions and Market Condition Variables
  • Highest and Best Use Analyses: When are They Wrong?
  • Scope of Work Red Flags That Lead to Errors
  • Exposure Time and Marketing Value: Were They Correctly Determined?
  • Market Analysis Slip-Ups That Affect Value
  • Spotting Inaccuracies and Errors in Databases and Other Source Material
  • The Dangers of Poorly-Documented Source Verification
  • Appraisal Shelf-Life: When are They Out of Date?

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