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Contractors are hired to perform services on worksites where a variety of hazards may be present. The hiring company shares some of the responsibility for the safety for the contractor. Often, jobs require contractors to work alongside the hiring company and the safety of each impacts the other. Understanding contractor safety and acknowledging the benefit for both parties is important in providing a safe and healthful workplace. In this course, you will learn about different classifications of employers and their responsibilities to ensure a safe worksite. This course was developed with subject matter provided by Jenny Fuller, MS, CSP of Winn Forensics, LLC, a professional services company focusing on corporate, business, and personal safety training as well as consulting on occupational injury matters.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify considerations when preparing for the safety of contractors
  • Distinguish between different categories of employers at a worksite
  • Identify roles that apply to a single employer in a given contractor safety scenario
  • Identify steps to take when determining employer responsibilities on multi-employer worksites
  • Recognize types of information that should be communicated to contractors to help ensure their safety and that of others on a worksite
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