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Understand all Relief Options Available to Creditors

The debtor who's been avoiding repayment for months has just filed for bankruptcy; do you know what options are available so you can collect what is owed? Even during bankruptcy proceedings, creditors still have rights and remedies. Take advantage of your rights with help from this practical course. You'll learn the nuts and bolts of creditor involvement during bankruptcy proceedings and gain the skills to employ each possible tactic. Register today!

  • Gain real-life strategies for lifting automatic stay in various scenarios.
  • Find out what special rights landlords and lessors have in bankruptcy.
  • Know how to handle lien stripping situations.

Session Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern
Presenter: Robert C. Meyer

  1. Automatic Stay
    1. Have We Been Here Before?
      1. Changes in the Automatic Stay - Repeat Filers, Liens on Real Estate and Landlord/Tenant Law
        1. One Prior
        2. Two Priors or More
      2. Homestead or Exempt vs. Not Exempt
      3. Alternatives
        1. Motion for Lift of Stay: How and Why You Can Request it
          1. Local Rules and Idiosyncracies
          2. Exceptions to the Automatic Stay
          3. Monetary Sanctions for Automatic Stay Violation
  2. Creditors' in Bankruptcy Case Remedies - With Notes on Differences Under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13
    1. The Good
      1. Reaffirmation - Chapter 7
      2. Treatment Outside a Plan - Chapter 13
      3. Revival - Chapter 13
    2. The Bad
      1. Sales Free and Clear of Liens - Chapter 7 or 11
      2. Judgment Lien Avoidance - All Chapters
      3. Redemption - Chapter 7
      4. Lien Strip - Chapter 13, Chapter 7?
    3. The Ugly
      1. Litigation
      2. Dischargeability: Exceptions and Objections - All Chapters
      3. Dismissal or Conversion - All Chapters

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