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If you would like to learn the basics of what it means to lead a project – without all the technical jargon – this course is for you. You'll learn some of the foundational concepts, such as what a project is and what you'll be responsible for, and things you'll need to understand before planning begins. You'll also learn where to go to access useful information and how to identify the different types of people who will have an interest in the project – its stakeholders.

Learning Objectives
  • Describe the attributes that all projects have
  • Identify the business reasons for a undertaking a project
  • Recognize the responsibilities of a project manager
  • Describe the factors within an environment that may influence a project
  • Identify sources of information to use when starting a project
  • Identify key stakeholders for a project
  • Recognize the actions to take when preparing to manage a project
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Finding Your Bearings as a Project Manager Online course
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