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Your boss can be the lifeline to your future. Typically, no one has more influence over your immediate and long-term success than the person to whom you report. Not only can you find enjoyment and reward in your current position, but your boss can be a source of support when you are ready to move ahead with your career. This course teaches strategies for building a strong professional relationship with your boss. It explains various ways you can become aligned with your boss -- even how to give your boss constructive feedback.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the benefits of a building a strong relationship with your boss
  • Identify methods to build a successful relationship with your boss
  • Determine the best methods of assisting your boss's agenda
  • Match management styles to associated characteristics
  • Identify best practices for adapting to your boss's working style
  • Sequence examples of the steps for giving appropriate feedback to your boss
  • Use appropriate techniques to start your own business network
  • Audience

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