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In today's competitive environment, complacency stifles success. So manufacturing and service organizations must constantly pursue perfection to retain their customers and market share. Lean methodology enables organizations to increase profitability through continuous improvement and the elimination of waste. This course introduces four powerful Lean tools for optimizing perfection and quality in a manufacturing or service organization. You'll learn how to apply 5S and Hoshin Kanri to organize workplaces and meet strategic objectives. You'll also learn about jidoka strategies for problem-solving as well as standard work practices for improving efficiency and eliminating waste.

Learning Objectives
  • Match the steps in the 5S process to the activities they involve
  • Match steps in the PDCA cycle to actions that would be carried out at each step
  • Match the strategies for using Hoshin Kanri to the stages of a project
  • Sequence examples of activities that occur during the jidoka process
  • Identify success factors for implementing the principles of standard work
  • Match different waste types with standard work strategies for eliminating waste
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