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Companies may face tough times, for example due to economic hardship or even extreme growth. It's during these times that your role as a manager is vital. The employees you manage and your organization as a whole will depend on your leadership to help see them through. In this course, you'll learn specific strategies for weathering difficult times, including ways to reduce costs, how to communicate with employees and secure their support, and what alternatives to consider before laying off staff. For when there's no other choice, you'll learn how best to plan and implement staff reductions. You'll also learn about opportunities you can use to strengthen your organization during difficult times.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize strategies for responding to difficult times
  • Recognize how to win employee buy-in to reduce costs during difficult times
  • Recognize measures to reduce staff-related costs, as an alternative to staff layoffs
  • Recognize ways to restructure work as an alternative to staff layoffs
  • Recognize the appropriate steps for planning staff layoffs and deciding who to lay off
  • Recognize appropriate ways to communicate layoff decisions to employees
  • Recognize opportunities for strengthening an organization during difficult times
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