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Successful teams are characterized by having a clear direction, trust among team members, effective communication, and the ability to quickly resolve conflict. The survival of a team depends on a team leader who can quickly recognize conflict, diagnose its cause, and use strategies to resolve the issue. In this course, you'll learn about what causes conflict on a team and the important role of healthy communication in handling conflict. You'll also learn about best practice approaches to resolving conflict and the tenets of principled negotiation. Finally, you'll learn guidelines for addressing one type of team conflict, lack of trust.

Learning Objectives
  • Match causes of conflict with examples of the effect each has on a team
  • Recognize examples of resolving conflict through improved communication
  • Match conflict resolution techniques with circumstances in which they would be used
  • Identify which collaborative conflict resolution technique should be used in a given scenario
  • Recognize examples of the rules of principled negotiation
  • Recall techniques for resolving trust issues in a team meeting
  • Identify the recommended contents of a guideline for maintaining trust on a team
  • Use techniques to resolve conflict among members of your team
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