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If you're involved in any sort of accounting or financial decision-making role, you need to understand the basics of accounting and bookkeeping. This course covers the steps in the accounting cycle that happen after transactions have been identified and analyzed. You'll learn about making general and special journal entries, and about posting those transactions to accounts in the general and subsidiary ledgers. You'll also learn how to prepare trial balances and make adjusting entries.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the columns that need to be completed when making a general journal entry
  • Recognize descriptions of commonly used special journals
  • Recognize the order in which accounts are typically organized in a general ledger
  • Distinguish control accounts from subsidiary ledgers
  • Sequence the steps for posting from special journals to ledgers
  • Sequence the steps for preparing a trial balance
  • Recognize key characteristics of types of trial balances performed within the accounting cycle
  • Sequence the steps for adjusting an entry
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Recording, Posting, and Balancing the Books Online course
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