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Service configuration settings control G Suite storage, sharing, and Chrome and Google Sync settings. Alerts can also be configured to notify administrators of service changes. User authentication options can enhance security. G Suite allows for centralized mobile device management.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • Recognize how G Suite sharing works
  • Configure sharing settings
  • Describe Chrome policy settings
  • Configure Chrome policy settings
  • Perform Google Drive storage capacity planning for your domain
  • Understand the impact of various G Suite Service settings
  • Configure G Suite Service settings
  • Improve security and performance as well as troubleshooting with usage reports
  • Set up alerts to notify administrators via e-mail
  • Describe the steps Google takes to secure tenant data
  • Describe the purpose of G Suite exception groups
  • Use exception groups to manage security options
  • List various G Suite user authentication options
  • Configure G Suite user authentication options
  • Describe the need for centralized mobile device management
  • Install G Suite mobile device apps
  • Configure Android settings
  • Configure Google Sync settings
  • Control user access from a mobile device
  • Configure G Suite security, service settings, and manage mobile devices
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