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Get Candid, Practical Litigation Advice from Presiding Judges

Spend a day with local civil and criminal court judges and let them tell you, in their own words, of their rules and preferences. Learn firsthand what civil court judges expect in case scheduling, summary judgment hearings, discovery and voir dire. You'll also gain invaluable insight from criminal judges on opening and closing arguments, criminal court trial practice tips and so much more. This course offers you a unique opportunity to get answers to the questions you've always wanted to ask your judges. Learn what to do (and what not to do) to speed up your cases and build credibility with the court. Register today!

  • Get practical pointers from local judges on navigating the court system.
  • Hear from the judges themselves what litigation tactics are unacceptable in their courtrooms.
  • Avoid looking unprepared with tips on what information judges need in motion hearings and pre-trial conferences.
  • Custom-tailor your case presentation to bench vs. jury trial.
  • Get the judges' candid answers to your questions.
  • Do you know what criminal court judges don't want to see in their courtrooms? We have it here!
  • Gain valuable criminal trial practice tips you can't afford to miss!
  • Get your case off on the right foot by learning what criminal court judges want to see and hear during initial case intake and management.
  • Learn how to provide persuasive opening and closing statements that get the judge and jury's attention and could help you win your case.
  • Use your discovery wisely: learn the judges' perspective on use of discovery and e-discovery during pre-trial and trial proceedings.
  • Select a jury that can help you win your case with tips, tricks and strategies for effective voir dire.

MORNING SESSION: 9:00 - 12:00 (Break 10:30 - 10:45)

Panel Members: Hon. Mark S. Borrell, Hon. Timothy J. Staffel, and Hon. Harry J. Walsh
Moderator: Tyrone J. Maho

  1. What Attorneys MUST Know about the Local Court Procedure
  2. Summary Judgment Hearings - What Information the Judge Needs to Make a Ruling
  3. Keys to a Successful Pre-Trial Conference
  4. Case Scheduling and Keeping the Court Apprised of Case Updates
  5. Issues that Should be Resolved without the Judges' Involvement
  6. Motion Hearings
  7. Your Briefs: What Judges Don't Want to See and How to Get to the Point Quickly
  8. Witness and Evidence Management
  9. Bench vs. Jury Trial: Case Presentation Tips
  10. Judges' View of Jury Selection and Communications

AFTERNOON SESSION: 1:00 - 4:30 (Break 2:00 - 2:15)

Panel Members: Hon Mark S. Borrell, Hon. Rogelio R. Flores, Hon. Arthur A. Garcia, Hon. Brian Hill, and Hon. Harry J. Walsh
Moderator: Sanford Horowitz

  1. Legal Ethics (1:00 - 2:00)
    1. Civility and Professionalism
    2. Conflicts of Interest
    3. Ex Parte Communications
    4. When is Misrepresentation of Fact Sancionable?
    5. Improper Contact with Witnesses

Panel Members: Hon. Rogelio R. Flores, Hon. Arthur A. Garcia, and Hon. Brian Hill
Sanford Horowitz

  1. Recent Developments in Criminal Law and Procedure
  2. Voir Dire Do's and Don'ts
  3. The Art of Persuasive Opening Statements and Closing Arguments
  4. Criminal Court Trial Practice Tips
  5. What Criminal Court Judges Don't Want to See in Their Courtrooms

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