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Learn Sophisticated Strategies From Veteran Civil Trial Attorneys

Being able to effectively use motions in limine is not something that is learned in law school, but rather a skill that takes years of experience to be able to successfully employ. In this practical legal program, veteran civil trial attorney faculty will provide you with time-tested, practical, real-world techniques that have taken years to acquire. Don't miss out on this unique course - register today!

  • Maximize the benefits of tactical timing.
  • Learn how to use the rules of procedure and evidence to your advantage.
  • Use motions in limine to exclude or limit expert testimony.
  • Gain strategies for convincing the court to deny a motion in limine.
  • Pick up creative, outside-of-the-box uses and techniques that will help you gain the upper hand.

All times are shown in Eastern time

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM, John P. Browning and Gregory F. Harley

  1. Timing, Goals and Preparation Pointers
    1. Strategic Considerations
    2. Get Your Timing Right
    3. Establish Your Goals
    4. Practical Advice on Preparing and Drafting
    5. Sample Motions in Limine
  2. Effectively Applying the Rules
    1. Rules of Procedure
    2. Rules of Evidence

3:45 PM - 5:15 PM, John P. Browning and Gregory F. Harley

  1. Strategically Using - and Opposing - Motions in Limine
    1. Establishing Grounds for Granting a Motion in Limine
    2. Creatively Using Motion in Limine to Exclude Evidence
    3. Using Motions in Limine to Exclude Expert Testimony
    4. Strategies for Using Motion in Limine to Establish Admissibility of Evidence
    5. Improper Uses of Motions in Limine
  2. Outside-of-the-Box Uses and Techniques

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