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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Assessing Your Own Leadership Performance $74.95
Facing Challenges as a First-time Manager $74.95
The Reality of Being a First-time Manager $74.95

Bundle Price: $139.00
Total Savings: $85.85

Assessing Your Own Leadership Performance

Monitoring your own progress as you develop is a simple and effective way to ensure success in your role. Knowing how to self-assess your leadership skills and competencies is important if you want to chart your development and plan your future growth as a leader. In this course, you'll learn about techniques leaders can use to carry out a self-assessment, such as reflective journaling, surveys and checklists, and 360-degree feedback. You'll also learn ways to increase your motivation and manage your own learning by creating a leadership development plan.

Learning Objectives
  • List the steps in using reflective journaling for self-assessment
  • Recall the process for using surveys and checklists for self-assessment
  • Identify key concepts of self-assessment via 360-degree feedback
  • Recognize leading and listening techniques for self-motivation
  • Identify examples of self-motivation techniques related to challenging and empowering
  • Recall self-motivation techniques related to rewarding
  • Recall steps to take before writing a leadership development plan
  • List steps for writing and implementing a leadership development plan

Facing Challenges as a First-time Manager

High expectations are often placed on first-time managers. Along with these expectations comes the pressure to succeed and the need to prove you belong in a management position. Establishing credibility early and building new working relationships can go a long way in helping a first-time manager succeed in adjusting to his or her new responsibilities. This course describes ways to establish credibility and manage former colleagues effectively. You'll also learn how to balance conflicting expectations as a manager.

Learning Objectives
  • Specify ways of establishing your credibility as a new manager
  • Recognize how to communicate with your team as a first-time manager
  • Recognize techniques for acknowledging the relationship change between you and your former coworkers
  • Describe ways in which you can use your new managerial position to support your former coworkers
  • Identify management guidelines that will help you respond to conflicting expectations in the workplace

The Reality of Being a First-time Manager

Most new managers don't realize how much their new role differs from that of an individual contributor. Often, they have misconceptions about what managing entails, and they may be surprised to learn that the skills and methods required for success as an individual contributor and those needed for success as a manager are very different. This course describes some of the myths about management and their corresponding truths in order to clarify what managers really do. It also points to the typical demands and constraints of a manager's job. Finally, it describes strategies for dealing with common mistakes of first-time managers.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the personal factors that impact a management position
  • Describe organizational factors that will impact your new job as manager
  • Recognize the typical demands that a manager must deal with
  • Specify common constraints faced by managers
  • Choose the best strategies for dealing with the mistake of taking on too much
  • Identify strategies for overcoming the mistake of not asking for help
  • Recognize strategies for helping you avoid projecting a lack of confidence
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