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This is a bundled training package. It contains training for each of the bundled items below:

Course Price
Effectively Directing and Delegating as a Manager $74.95
Being a Fair and Caring Manager $74.95
Managing Employee Development $74.95
Facing the Management Challenges of Difficult Behavior and Diverse Teams $74.95

Bundle Price: $169.00
Total Savings: $130.80

Effectively Directing and Delegating as a Manager

Understanding the essential responsibilities you have when directing and delegating to others, and the practices you should employ in order to meet those responsibilities, will lead to you fulfilling your duties and realizing the potential of your entire team. This course provides information on the key proficiencies of setting direction and establishing clear objectives and goals for your direct reports are explored. The importance of organizing, as well as communicating for clarity and direction, are discussed. This course also covers the best practices for planning delegation and the techniques you need to carry through with delegation. Finally, the course details the importance of monitoring delegated tasks to ensure employees are on the right track.

Learning Objectives
  • Sequence the steps in setting the direction and pace of work as a manager
  • Identify organizing actions a manager would typically take
  • Recognize aspects of communicating for clarity and direction when directing employees
  • Identify essential elements of planning to delegate
  • Recall strategies for delegating tasks
  • Identify examples of ways to follow up after delegating tasks
  • Use techniques to give direction and delegate to your employees

Being a Fair and Caring Manager

To be an effective manager, you need to develop many different skills. Among them are the abilities to treat employees fairly and show them care and appreciation. This course focuses on what fairness means in the relationship between managers and their employees and discusses areas where showing fairness is most essential. It also provides techniques that you can use in order to demonstrate fairness while managing your direct reports. This course also describes what it means to be a caring manager and ways you can show that you have these characteristics.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify actions and behaviors that can affect your fairness as a manager when dealing with people
  • Recognize best practices for handling information and applying standards fairly as a manager
  • Select the methods of communicating openly to show fairness as a manager
  • Identify ways to show fairness through respect and neutral decision making as a manager
  • Recognize ways to show caring through listening and sharing as a manager
  • Recall techniques to show you care as a manager through knowing employees and showing concern
  • Recognize methods of treating employees fairly and with care as a manager

Managing Employee Development

A key aspect of managing is developing your employees, which involves not only coordinating their work but also empowering them and providing opportunities for growth. This course details tactical strategies for developing your employees including assessing their development needs. Also covered are methods for creating a development plan with your employees based on their individual requirements, and ways to support the development plan by creating opportunities for practice and growth in skills and abilities. This course also introduces ways to continue supporting employees through follow up and monitoring, and ongoing and timely feedback.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the benefits of developing employees
  • Identify steps in assessing the development needs of your employees
  • Recognize techniques for preparing for a development meeting
  • Identify best practices for conducting a development meeting
  • Recognize the characteristics of an effective development plan
  • Select actions you can take to provide ongoing support to employees' development
  • Use methods to effectively develop your employees

Facing the Management Challenges of Difficult Behavior and Diverse Teams

As a manager, you will inevitably encounter difficulties when dealing with your employees. Two areas you may experience this in is dealing with difficult behavior and managing diverse teams. Whether they are blatant or less obvious, behavioral problems need to be addressed before they affect morale and productivity. Likewise, it’s important to consider the needs of all employees, no matter their backgrounds. This course covers best practices for confronting your employees about their difficult behavior and well as the key aspects of managing a diverse workforce effectively.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify common effects of not dealing with employee behavior problems
  • Sequence the steps in confronting difficult behavior
  • Select techniques to build diversity awareness as a manager
  • Recall methods of understanding diversity issues as a manager
  • Identify how to reinforce group norms as a manager
  • Recognize techniques for managing a diverse team
  • Recognize techniques for dealing with the challenges of difficult behavior and diverse teams
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